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Fiction doesn't deserve a petition
Let us focus on the people and issues that truly matter


Naz Ghassemian
March 9, 2007

Nema Milaninia is right [See "The ridiculous truth"]. Iranians, especially those with "political" motivations and Zoroastrian ideals, ought to have far greater priorities than drafting petitions against 300. The fact that this movie has gathered their attention only indicates the lack of proper priorities and power these "groups" possess.

If 300 was touted as an actual historical portrayal, the outrage indicated by this petition would be valid. However, it is based on a comic book. It is the creative fantasy of a comic book genius.

The mere connection drawn by Tinoush [See: "Make a fuss"] and others only emphasizes the trouble with Iranians when it comes to the arts and literature: these are separate creative spheres that exist independently of politics and politicians!

Yes, there are Persian figures in the movie, but this is a story that was inspired by ancient war games and the imaginative savagery of ANCIENT times. Iranians would benefit (and be entertained) by handling these moments with a grain of salt and gain a bit of perspective.

I realize my suggestion might be hard to accept considering some of the issues existing in the Iranian diaspora. Just this once though, let us not judge a movie based on the religious and political issues surrounding Iranian people of 1700 years ago or now. Because no matter how many thousands of people sign this petition, it is downright silly to judge a work of fiction as a portrayal of history or Persians now.

Here is my offer for the likes of Tinoush who require parallels and links:

**SARCASM ALERT** What if a group of Carthaginians (now Tunisians) expressed outrage at the movie Gladiator because of the pain associated with the establishment of those games and all of the POWs who were forced to participate in them, essentially as slaves, following the Punic Wars? They would seem like a group of idle jackasses.

In any case, anyone who allows their view of Iranians to be influenced by a comic book or a movie is a dimwit and may also be the sort of individual who believes that Pamela Anderson's breasts are real. The likelihood of these sorts of people swaying decisions and think tanks is low.

Let us focus on the people and issues that truly matter in the recent debates about Iran. As Iranians, we have a better chance of influencing the debate about a potential war or public relations by talking about real issues, not comic book stories.

Rather than project this movie as a slice of history, drawn on native peoples around the world, I encourage Iranians (who are willing to take the risk) to relax and enjoy what is a really awesome movie and a cool story, for TONIGHT WE DINE IN HELL!! Comment

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