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Babak Daleki
Babak Daleki is a  Persian  ceramic artist specializing in carving tiles , hand built vessels , exotic platters  and bowls  which have a lot of details with eye catching  textured and glaze washed to complete the effects of an ancient designs. His on of  a kind  pieces will allow people to not only be exposed to something aesthetically appealing , but take them to the ten thousand years of  Iranian history that have been hidden under layers of silence >>> NEXT

Axis of art and culture, too
Over-due ‘cultural upgrade’ for ourselves
Lale’ Welsh Shahparaki
March 13, 2007

A special VIP Reception for the press, collectors, and those interested in previews will be held at 7-11PM on Saturday, March 17th, 2007 and will feature a rare acoustic performance by Persian/Flamenco master Emad Bonakdar and percussionist Mohamad Mohsenzadeh, at Gallery One, 1 Embarcadero, Lobby level, suite 1 EC, San Francisco, CA 94111. Tel. 415-392-3570.  FREE ADMISSION. Exhibit runs 17- 30th march. Contact for more information on the event and the artists.

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Lale’ Welsh Shahparaki

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Lale’ Welsh Shahparaki



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