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Maneli Jodat
"My paintings are a documentation of personal and everyday life experiences and observations. They represent a natural sanctuary for trust, self-confidence and clarity. Like any life experience, they are reminiscent of good and not so good moments convolved and transcribed in some distilled form in layers of colors, recognizable imagery, mark making, and unreadable text. We live in an era with an amazing amount of information at our fingertips and an ever-shorter time to absorb and react to changes. At times, the sheer speed of these changes challenges our sense of self and security." >>> NEXT

Axis of art and culture, too
Over-due ‘cultural upgrade’ for ourselves
Lale’ Welsh Shahparaki
March 13, 2007

A special VIP Reception for the press, collectors, and those interested in previews will be held at 7-11PM on Saturday, March 17th, 2007 and will feature a rare acoustic performance by Persian/Flamenco master Emad Bonakdar and percussionist Mohamad Mohsenzadeh, at Gallery One, 1 Embarcadero, Lobby level, suite 1 EC, San Francisco, CA 94111. Tel. 415-392-3570.  FREE ADMISSION. Exhibit runs 17- 30th march. Contact for more information on the event and the artists.

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Lale’ Welsh Shahparaki

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Lale’ Welsh Shahparaki



Iranian Cinema
A Political History
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