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April 19, 2003
The Iranian

Part 10

24 November 2002
The next morning I got up as I heard Negin and Omid talking to each other. When I sat down on the bed, they both went quiet and looked at me. Sob bekheyr...

Omid: "Awi hurry up, get dressed. We have to go to Gothenborg. Today I'm meeting Shahram, I have to take him somewhere and tomorrow you'll be leaving so we've got to go now."

Negin: "Omid what's your rush. Let's call the airport and maybe Awi can stay two more days!"

Omid: "That's fine, but we do have to leave now. Shahram is waiting for me."

So Negin called and she was talking Swedish, which I totally didn't understand a word of. But whenever Negin talked, It felt as if she was argueing. After 5 minutes, she hung up and said, my flight would be in four days. I was happy to stay another fourdays with Omid.

All this time, we were together, but actually we weren't. All the time we were surrounded by our friends and we just didn't have an opportunity to talk and share our feelings. I was really excited about us staying together at Omid's house. In his living room, he had this speaker-blaster-surrounded-dolby-bass-whatever-system (I'm not a genius in technical matters!). In his little living room he had installed a big screen TV with VCR and DVD players. He had 6 speakers all around the room with an extra bass sound. Of course after this installation, the police had visited his crib a couple of times. The neighbours had threatened to put him out on the street, if he disturbed the neighbourhood again.

As we headed for the highway and waved Negin goodbye, I felt like I was really going to miss her. She had become such an important part of my life. I felt she was a true friend, a kind of silly true friend, but still...

On our way back, Omid wasn't his ussual self. I thought he was just tired or something. He just kept staring out of the window and not saying much. He didn't make an effort to start a conversation of any kind. I couldn't really blame him, he had been driving us around for 2 days. Hardly getting any sleep at all. Well fortunatly he could get some rest at home and then we would have the best 3 days of my trip...

The first thing we did, when we reached Gothenborg was paying a respectful visit to the McDonald's drive in.

When we reached his house, Omid changed his clothes. Gave me a couple of instructions about the bath and the phone and left the house to meet Shahram. Shahram was Omid's best friend. He was engaged to Nakisa. When I used to talk on the phone with Omid, she would always interrupt us and say something stupid. For example she would walk in and say: Who are you talking to Omid? And Omid would say: My girlfriend, to which she would ask: Which one? As you can understand, I didn't like her...and I wasn't planning on meeting her at all. Omid knew this and didn't pressure me.

When Omid left the house, I took a bath and relaxed after a couple of days of partying and fooling around. After taking a bath, I put on some music and went to sleep. I slept for almost 4 hours. Suddenly I woke up and realized Omid wasn't home yet. I got a bit worried, so I called his cell phone, he answered and told me he would be home in 30 minutes or so. Again I fell asleep and woke up 2 hours later, finding myself alone again. I was beginning to feel a bit abandonned. Eventually Omid called after an hour. He was on his way and Shahram was coming along, cause he wanted to borrow the car. Anyway it meant I was going to meet Shahram.

When they arrived, I saw this skinny, tall boy, with his arms wrapped in a plaster (was he going to drive like this?). He hardly said hi to me, but after a couple of minutes and some cigarettes, he started to loosen up and talk -- and oh boy could he talk!!!!!! He went on and on... I was still exhausted, so I just kept listening. He started to talk about Nakisa; apparently she had giving him a hard time by making a scene at a restaurant.

After he left, Omid told me that Shahram is cheating on Nakisa with this Swedish girl, Sofia. Shahram's plan was to have Sofia as a bed partner and Nakisa was going to be his wife.. maybe!! I just can't understand what goes thru the heads of these kind of men! I mean this girl counted on him and they were buying furniture for their house. This girl had all kinds of plans for her future. While Shahram was only thinking with his little head!!! Omid also mentioned, that Nakisa was this very demanding Iranian girl. She was really bossy. He was saying this as if that's an excuse for Shahram's behaviour.

Shahram was telling Sofia, that he wasn't getting any from his fiance, which was a lie! He convinced her that Nakisa was a religious girl and wouldn't sleep with him till after the wedding. The funny part is that Sofia believed it! Or she wanted to believe him, for her own peace of mind. I was so shocked... So this is normal these days? Then I'm kind of conservative, I guess... Ofcourse Nakisa didn't know this... I was starting to feel a bit sorry for her. Still don't like her though..

Omid saw the expression on my face and before changing the subject, he said, "Shahram aadame divoone--eeyeh..not all of us men are like that." Omid had told me, his ex girlfriend in Iran, Tina, had cheated on him with his best friend. He had gone to Kish for a couple of days and when he came back, Tina confessed of having had sex with Omid's best friend. It had ended up in a big fight, in which Omid had kicked his best friend's ass...or so he said. Now he had forgiven Tina and become just friends with her. They talked on the phone sometimes.

After telling me this, Omid assured me that now he knew how much it hurt to have some one cheating on you. So he would never ever do that to his girlfriend. I felt like I really could trust Omid. When he talked to me, he would look me straight in my eyes and his eyes would get all teared up.

Was this the feeling of being in love? I am sure it was... feeling so much love and affection. I never wanted to leave him. It was so cozy, just him and I, in his little house. My mind went offline for a couple of minutes, so when I turned around. I saw Omid, who had fallen asleep on the couch. I covered him with a blanket and sat behind the computer. My poor baby was so tired, he couldn't keep his eyes open. It was a good thing I'm staying for 3 more days... time enough.

While opening the chatrooms I felt really happy. Nothing could ruin this moment, my moment.


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