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April 28, 2003
The Iranian

Part 11

26 November 2002
I woke up to the smell of coffee and toast. I opened my eyes and looked at the kitchen my love was making breakfast! I quickly closed my eyes so not to ruin his surprise.

After 5 minutes I heard Omid's footsteps coming towards me: "Eshgham, Awi joonam, azizam, bidaari?" he said very gently.

I opened my eyes and gave him my biggest smile. Of course I stink at lying so he said: "EY KALAK bidaar boodee!?"

He puts down the tray and I look really surprised. I see toast, eggs, pancakes, croissants, dutch cheese, glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and a cup of coffee, to finish it all off with a tiny white rose on my plate. Two things pass through my mind: where the hell did he find a white rose? And if I eat all this I will definetly turn into a big fat cow!

But eventually the breakfast did me real good. I got lots of energy and the coffee was just what I needed to make myself ready for yet another day in Sweden.

As I went to take a shower, I heard the phone ring and Omid talking on the phone with someone. When I got out of the shower, he was already dressed up and ready to leave!


"Shahram just phoned," Omid siad. "Nakisa is very sick, They seem to be needing my car again! So I will leave the car with them and come back. We don't need the car today, do we?"

"I guess not, but hurry back please."

"Of course baby joonam." And with those words he left me again, all alone in his house.

It was 1pm when he left and I sat again, behind the computer and chatted. Negin was online and she was cleaning up her place. She said her mom was coming over, so she had to clean her house, otherwise her mom would get on her case.

I listened to music and talked to one of my other friends, Dariush, who lived in Danmark. Dariush was like a brother to me, but Negin said at one time that he liked me more than just a sister, but Negin kolan kheyli harfe ziyaadi mizane! So I didn't pay any attention to her gossiping.

Time past by. At 4 Negin's mom had come and gone and we were talking. Negin sounded so tired, I guess her mom tired her out again. She was always tired when her mom visited her. But still no sign of Omid. I wanted to call him but I didn't wanted to be known by his friends as his possesive girlfriend who called every 2 seconds, cause that's what I actually wanted to do.

I felt alone in Sweden. I didn't know anyone and he didn't even ask me to come along. Of course at that point I had just come out of the bath, so he couldn't have waited that long. I was cursing Nakisa in my mind. Why did she ruin everything? In 2 days I was leaving and again other people where claiming my Omid...

I lay down on Omid's bed and fell asleep, purely out of boredom. I woke up at 6pm by the sound of Omid's keys, opening the door. For a second I thought it was some one else entering the house. It scared the hell out of me. But then I heard Omid's voice and he came thru the door and looked at me.

"Salam baby joonam. I'm so sorrrryyy, Shahram didn't let me go. His hand was hurting so he couldn't drive and I was waiting all this time, Nakisa has a case of severe stomach ache. Maybe it's her appendix, I don't know."

All this time I was lying on his bed, just looking at him. My heart was feeling all warm, I had missed him, but my mind was saying "HE'S LYING. HE COULD HAVE CALLED ME. MALOOM NIST KOJAA BOODEH". But my heart said, "bla bla bla, My poor baby was a victim of this stupid friend of his, Shahram was using Omid."

All this time all these thoughts went through my mind, but the expression on my face didn't change. Omid was explaning what had happened and was also taking off his clothes. He wasn't looking at my face, if he did he could see and feel my thoughts. Suddenly our eyes met and he froze.

With his voice all worried, he asked, "Awi chi shode? Haalet khoob nist?"

"Na haalam kheyli khoobe. I love being in Sweden all alone in your house."

"Awi, bebakhshid baby joonam, azizam, but it wasn't as if I could do anything about it."

"OF COURSE YOU COULD! You could at least call me to tell me it was going to get late, or just say to Shahram that I'm here waiting for you. It's not as if I'm here every day. I'm leaving tomorrow and yesterday you weren't home and today again. Why did I even delay my flight? If I was going to be alone the whole time?"

"Awi, midonam kharaab shod hamechiz. I wanted you to have a great time with me. I shouldn't have left with Shahram, I was so stupid. I missed you so much. I yelled at Shahram and Nakisa and really I tried to get back as soon as I could. I didn't call you because my cellphone battery went dead."

Omid walked towards the bed and laid down next to me. He looked at me really deep, my heart made a jump start. He took me into his arms and hugged me. "BEBAKHSHID AWI JONAM..."

I felt all my anger draining from my body and I just felt stupid about making such a big deal out of it.

My heart answered back: "SAAKET BAASH, BE TO CHE!"


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