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April 7, 2003
The Iranian

Part 8

-- "IN CHERAA INJOORI KHAABIDE? (Why is she sleeping like this?)."
-- "Shhhhh... saaket baash. Bidaaresh mikoni! (Quiet! You'll wake her up)."
Slowly I woke up from the noise. I thought I was in my own bed. When I opened my eyes and saw four staring eyes, one pair lying on the couch, the other pair lying on the floor. They were staring at me as if I was an alien just arrived from outer space. Reality hit me. I was still in Sweden. On the floor at Sonya's to be exact. And the four eyes? Negin and Omid of course.
We heard Sonya in the kitchen. Negin went to see her. I lay my head on Omid's chest: "Omid I'm still so sleepy."

-- "Of course you are. You sat in the car for 5 hours and the party and everything. It has just been too much. If you want you can go back to sleep."
-- "Na, I'm leaving in two days and I don't want to miss a thing. I will catch up with my sleep in Holland!"
-- "Akhey baby, I'm so happy that you're here..."
-- "Are you really, Omid?"
-- "Of course! How can you say that?"
-- "Well you have been so quiet. We haven't really talked."

-- "Areh midoonam Awi, but you know, this is all new for me. I mean, you know, Negin and Sonya You have seen both of them. And now suddenly I'm thrown in this company, which I really like. Don't think I don't like them, BUT it's unusual for me."
-- "Areh raast migi."
-- "Awi, kheyli khoshaalam ke injaaee."
-- "Me too..."
He kissed me and then I got up and went to the bathroom to freshen up. After, we sat in Sonya's kitchen and discussed what we should do the rest of the day. Negin, who was still in the mood for Kalle Paache (or she just wanted to make a statement, that last night's craving wasn't because she was drunk) suggested she and Sonya (again making up for last night's action) should go and buy some. Omid and I would stay home.
As soon as the two left, Omid and I ran into Sonya's bedroom, got in the bed and both fell asleep within a minute (that wasn't what you were hoping for, huh?). I woke up by the sound of Sonya's voice, saying, "In dotaa ro... az mogheeat soo estefaade mikonan!"

Omid was still snorring aloud.


What happened to Kalle Paache?

Sonya: "Shhhh... Omid khaabeh."

Negin: "Baba BOMB bendaazi baghal dastesh bidaar nemisheh."

After this we all laughed and woke him up and ate Chelo Kabab barg (yum).
Negin: "How come you bought Chello Kabab instead of Kalle Paache?"
"Areh Awi, goftim to ke khoshet nemiyaad, so as long as you are our mehmoon, we should all eat whatever you like."
"Mersi azizam," I said, while thinking last night I was also her mehmoon. Vali zood bikhyal shodam and I forgot the whole incident.
Around 2pm, Nahal called and asked when we could go out for coffee. We decided Nahal should come to Sonya's and from that point we would decide where to go for diner.
Around 5, Nahal finally arrived. Omid, Negin and I, were on the floor taking a short nap (again). After grooming and getting dressed, we decided to hit town and see where it'll take us. We went to Pizza Hut (how classy!). Omid parked the car, while Negin, Sonya and I walked in front, Nahal stayed back and walked with Omid.
Negin: "Awi havaaset baashe, I think Nahal is after your boyfriend!"
I laughed: "Negin baaz to shoroo kardi? Lave that poor girl alone!"
Negin: "I swear Awi, everywhere Omid goes, she runs after him! My god, has she no shame?"
"Negin dige daari asaabamo khoord mikoni!"
"If you don't believe me ask Sonya. She saw it too."
Sonya: "Areh, she follows him like a shadow."
I laughed, "Baba vel konin, she follows Omid, because he's at least nice to her. Everytime she tries to talk to you guys, zood khodetoono migirin. Stop acting this way guys. It's not funny anymore. I mean it."
Negin hugged me and said: "Awi joonam naaraahat nasho."
"Naaraahat nistam Negin, vali in gonaah dareh."
I had a headache all day. When I saw this drugstore, I rushed in, followed by Sonya, to buy some pills. At the cash register, I opened my wallet and suddenly half froze. Staring inside my wallet, I felt as if all the blood was drained from my face. Sonya saw me staring and looked at my pale face and then also into the wallet I was holding, where my finger was holding a Swedish bill worth about 50 dollars.

"How much money did you have in your purse Awi?"

I couldn't say a word, suddenly I started searching thru my purse and the rest of the wallet. I just couldn't believe what my eyes where telling me. I had about 300 dollars in my purse! And now it was just this little 50! HOW THE HELL WAS THAT POSSIBLE?
Omid must have seen my face from outside the shop and he rushed in followed by Negin and Nahal.
"Azizam, chi shodeh?"
I just looked at him and was speachless. Omid grabbed my wallet and looked inside it. "You had 500 dollars! Where's the rest?!"
"I don't know!"
I saw Omid's face turn pale too, angry and confused. Because we both knew it must have been stolen. "When was the last time you looked inside your purse?" Negin asked. "In Moulin Rouge Club, at the end, when we were going to pay the bill."
Omid said: "She took out her wallet, but then I caught her just before she was going to pay the waitress."
"Yeah and all the money was there!"
Nahal suddenly said: "So even AFTER I left the club, you still had your money, right?"
It was as if she was cleaning her hands, by saying that at least it wasn't her.
" I guess so," I said.
We started to walk towards Pizza Hut. Our laughter and nice mood had completely disappeared. Omid held my hand and squeezed it as if saying eshkaali nadaareh. I knew money isn't important. But the fact that the theft was an inside job made me so angry. The It would have been better if I had spent it all in Moulin Rouge rather than have it stolen from me. I mean what is this world coming to, when you can't even trust your friends. And the problem was I didn't know which friend it was. They were all suspects.


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