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April 12, 2003
The Iranian

Part 9

24 November 2002
Omid, Negin and I were in Omid's car on our way back to Negin's place. The plan was to drop Negin off and then drive straight back to Gothenborg, where Omid lives. Again I was so tired, I fell asleep in the car. When I woke up, we were almost near Negin's place.
Omid: "Awi what do you think about staying at Negin's tonight and to head back first thing in the morning?"
"It's your decision Omid, you're the driver," I said.
"Are Awi, I'm really tired and if you start to sleep in the car and Negin isn't here, well then I'm afraid of falling asleep behind the wheel!"
"Oh well, guess it's better to stay the night then!"
A couple of hours ago, just after the money was stolen right out of my wallet, our mood had gone straight to sub zero degrees. We went to Pizza Hut and tried to forget about the incident. I could see from Omid's face that he was really feeling down. The one who stole from me, had left me 50 dollars so I wouldn't starve to death. The thief had a conscience! Or did my thief/friend know I wasn't carrying any more money? I had put aside the rest at Omid's place so that I would have something left when we would return. Only Omid knew about this, so 'my friend' thought I would be out of cash and left me a 50 dollar bill out of pity! How nice!

Anyway, after diner we went back to Sonya's place and started fooling around a bit, playing backgammon, chatting, smoking, untill Omid said we should be heading back to Gothenborg. Sonya insisted on us staying until the next day. But suddenly Omid showed his stubborn side and insisted on us going back, which made Sonya a bit delkhor. So we said goodbye and started heading back towards Gothenborg.
We dropped Nahal off on our way and were heading for the highway, when suddenly this white car cut Omid off. Omid started banging on the horn and got really angry and aggresive. He got the worst case of red tomato face I had EVER seen.
I have this bad habbit of freezing to death, when I see an act of aggresion. A couple of years ago I had this after school job, selling jewelry in this well known warehouse in the centre of Amsterdam.

One day a customer started yelling at me and banging his hand on the counter. Usually I look real tough and no one expects this from me, but at that point I couldn't say a word. I just went out of my booth and saw a security guard. Standing in front of him, I still couldn't say a word. I just pointed out at the counter and thank god he understood what had happened and rushed over there. That was realllly embarressing.

Now I was in Omid's car and found myself in company I was comfortable with. But it happened all again, my mouth was shut! I couldn't say a word. Negin yelled at Omid: "BASSE BABA!!! CHERA ASABANI MISHI?"

I just turned my face towards the window and started breathing real heavy. Omid asked: "Awi chi shod? Azizam bebakhshid, I really lost control. I didn't mean to get angry."

I wanted to say it was okay, but I couldn't speak. My mouth wouldn't open. I told myself, "Awi khareh! Cheraa injoori mikoni! It was no big deal! AAlaan meegeh khol shodee haa!"

Omid: "Awi chera harf nemizani?"

Negin: "Baraaye eenkeh asabaaiyeh az dastet, olaagh!"

I felt tears coming up. I turned my face away.

"Awi geryeh meekonee?"
At the first gas station we stopped and I jumped out of the car rushing towards the restroom, followed by Negin. I reached the toilet and the first thing I did was ... yeah I threw up!

Negin: "Awi chi shod? It wasn't that big of a deal. I think it's just the alcohol catching up on you!"

"No I'm okay now."

Omid came in and saw me washing my face, he hugged me and with a reall sad voice really said: "Bebakhshid. I'm such a jerk!"

" It's okay Omid, I don't know what happened."
So finally we arrived at Negin's. The first thing she did was turn on her computer and of course Abbas was the first thing on her screen. They turned on their webcams. I had seen Abbas before, he was kind of big, a bit chubby and he had a big head. Under his eyes you could see dark bags. Omid told me that was from the taryaak! He was holding his cigarette between his lips, which was surrounded by reesh porfosoree!
Of course he had copied all his conversations with chat people. So Negin would read them afterwards. One of his conversations was with Nahal a couple of minutes ago. Nahal had arrived home and was already spreading the news of our get togethering.

Negin: "That BITCH couldn't wait 2 hours?!"
Abbas was a little upset that Omid was going to stay the night. So Negin promised him she would let the cam on all night, but smart as she is, she turned off the sound.
Negin, Omid and I laid on Negin's bed and started to talk about the last couple of days. I was lying with my head on Omid's arm and Negin was leaning on me, her hands were lying on Omid's thigh very careless... maybe just a bit too careless. Was I being ridiculous or was my intuition telling me something? No way, Negin is my sister, she sees Omid as her brother! Awi, you're totally over reacting, you're making a big deal out of nothing!


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