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June 2, 2003
The Iranian

Part 16

23 December 2002
It was almost Christmas, things between Omid and I got worse by the day. I felt like I didn't know him anymore. He had changed so much in the last couple of weeks. I tried confronting him, but that didn't do any good.

Every time I tried to confront him, he would avoid the topic. Every time he would answer my questions with that sorry-tone of his (which was by the way getting pretty old pretty fast): "Sorry Awi, nemidonam chem shod, bebakhshid!"

I didn't know how to react. I just didn't know how I could kick some sense into him. If he would just be honest and tell me what his problem was. It seemed like everything I did backfired.

I would have an argument with him for an hour, about a certain subject. He would of course put on his sorry act.Then we would be okay... for exactly 40 seconds! I would leave and come back and see him do the exact same thing I had specifically asked him not to do.

I broke up with him once and he begged me to take him back. He said with that irritating tone of his, "Yani hamin? Yani tamom shod? Awi you can't do that to me, I love you..." MY GOD IRANIAN MEN SHOULD GET AN OSCAR FOR THESE PERFORMANCES!

Things had gone so bad that I was glad Omid was going away for a couple of days. He was going to Shahram's place to prepare for Christmas. He had promised Shahram to be the cook. The fact that I was relieved, wasn't a very good sign. I had earned some peace of mind. I thought, well, maybe this little trip will bring back the Omid I knew...

Hooman on the other hand was trying to seduce Nahal. As a true Casanova, he had made some progress. Nahal was calling him every morning. Kind of a wake up call. They would talk on the phone for hours.

Nahal wasn't using her brain again. I tried to tell her. I tried to warn her. I said: "Nahal, Hooman loves Shima in his own fricken' little brain. Don't come between them. Hooman is an ass for doing this, but try to see the bigger picture."

"What do you mean, Awi?"

"MY GOD NAHAL! Velesh kon!"

"Awi, I know for a fact that he doesn't love Shima! He's telling me all sorts of stuff about her; about how bossy she is and more... "

How could I make her understand? Was it my job to warn her?

While I was sorting things out between Omid and Nahal, Negin on the other hand, was planning a terrific Christmas party for herself and her friends. They were invited to a party and they planned on getting really drunk and paint the town red.

One day she invited Sonja and me into a private room and turned on her webcam. She started showing us the clothes she had bought. She had bought a black strapless dress, which was really sexy. She also bought a pair of platform boots. She also showed us her lingerie, a beautiful strapless bra with UGLY lava red panties a la MAAMAANDOOZ. She had gone this far to get all dressed up. Why MAAMAANDOOZ boxers, we wondered... Well the explanation she gave was as follows.

Negin, like most of us Iranian girls, has big hips and thighs. If she dances or walks around without any protection in a steaming smoke-filled room for more than an hour, she would definitely get all sweaty and burn the flesh of her inner thighs. Thus the boxers.

When that mystery was solved, Sonja came with more surprising news. She told us she was going to get married. She had met her boyfriend, soon to be husband, Faramarz, online! (So there is hope!). He lived in Finland and she was still in Sweden. He would move to Sweden for her... HOW NICE... they were to get married in January!

There was something fishy going on here. Last month when I visited her, she didn't say a word about Faramarz. Even the day we went to the club, some guy was sitting next to her and he gave her a rose. I thought he was her boyfriend. But apparently, she was getting married and we didn't know the guy. That was very strange behavior, which I wasn't used to with Sonja. She has this open, sociable character but as far as I remember she hadn't told us anything about Faramarz.

So who was this mystery guy? Negin and I put some extra pressure on Sonja for more details. Apparently this was top secret stuff. It took us a while to manipulate her... but finally she came out with the truth... SHE WAS ONE MONTH PREGNANT!


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