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May 6, 2003
The Iranian

Part 12

28 november 2002
Today I'm leaving for Holland, going back home. Yesterday wasn't as fun as Omid had promised me to be. He woke up earlier than I did, sat behind the computer. When I woke up, we ate some breakfast. He was really exhausted, I had no clue why. So he fell asleep at 2pm and didn't wake up till it was really late. Again we ate something and I fell asleep, while Omid sat behind the computer again.

Was this his idea of fun? Why was he so exhausted?

If only Negin would have come along with us. At least I wouldn't be alone... and she would scream and hit him for sleeping all the time. Cheraa injoori shodi, Awi? You need Negin to stand up for you? I love Omid, but why is he acting this way. Well maybe he's really tired and can't help himself. Yesterday we were lying on his bed, just talking and he was talking about his mum, but fell asleep in the middle of his sentence!! I was really surprised; this couldn't have been on purpose, so he IS really tired. But why?

Today I woke up by the sound of Omid's voice talking to Nakisa. She was saying that Shahram was sick and couldn't bring the car! Omid needed the car to bring me to the airport and Nakisa was saying they need the car to go to the hospital later for herself and Shahram. They had an appointment at 1:30, but my flight was leaving at 2. Omid got all angry. He said he needed his car and I think Nakisa got pissed off too. But HEY, it was his car and he needed it, cheraa Nakisa talabkaar shode bood? These people were weird!

An hour later, after breakfast, Shahram called and said he would bring the car and then they would drop me off at the airport and after that they would all go to the hospital. THE PERFECT SOLUTION... FOR THEM!! I would have to wait 2 hours at the airport. The funny part was that Omid didn't even think of this. So they came. Nakisa was this petite little girl, with big eyes and big mouth. As soon as we reached the car, she totally started screaming at Omid for destroying their plans. Omid didn't even answer back.

Once at the airport, Nakisa got out, so I could step out of the car. I suppose her panties were showing from behind her, cause Shahram said: "Nakisa khanoom, hame fahmidan ke short paatoone!" At which Omid laughed his head off. These two were a weird couple, at one point during the ride, Omid asked Shahram, how he showered with his hand all tighed up. Nakisa answered: "KHODAM MISHOORAMESH, badan lazemesh daram!!!" They all thought it was funny. I was thinking: "In dokhtare khejaalat nemikeshe?" She just met me 5 minutes ago.

Omid was walking me towards the gate. We hugged and he said "bebakhshid ke behet khosh nagozasht." I said I had a good time. We departed in a very TAROOFI kind of way. As if we were just normal friends having visited each other. Again an anti-climax for me.

So I sat in front of the terminal gate, waiting for 2 hours for my flight to arrive, thinking maybe it was all a big mistake.

I slept all the way through the flight. And then FINALLY HOME, Amsterdam!!!!! I was really happy to be back. This was my kind of city (maybe cause I understood the language!). I walked to the train station and sat, looking out of the window. Repeating all the things that happened in these couple of days. I was too tired to analyze.

Finally home, I called my mum and I slept some more. It felt good to be back home, but I missed Omid still. I didn't know what would happen with us. But it sure didn't feel good. Anyway har chi ghesmate...


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