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May 13, 2003
The Iranian

Part 13

30 november 2002

I came into a private chatroom, where Negin had invited me. Omid and Negin were already discussing and argueing. Apparently Negin had caught Omid in the middle of some flirting action with a girl called Persian_Babe. Omid was swearing that he was innocent and that she was just a girl he said hi to!

To be honest I didn't care much. I had a big fight with my mum and dad about me skipping a couple of classes to go to Sweden. They were right, but they didn't know the reason for my sudden departure. They didn't know their poor girl was in love and was desperatEly trying to deny it.

Omid noticed me being down, so he sent me a private message: "Awi, bekhodaa in dokhtare is lying!!! Naarahat nashi!"

"Na Omid, I had a fight with Maman."

"Eeee :-( why baby?"

"Because of my trip to Sweden."

" Awi, haven't you told your parents yet? About us, I mean."

" Na Omid, I don't want to do that, at least not untll I know that we have a future together. I have told you about my parents. They don't openly dissaprove, but I don't want to read it in their eyes. And I surely don't want to see them not taking me seriously when I tell them about us. This is important to me."
"Are midoonam baby jonam, Let's meet your parents next time I come to Holland. So they have to take it seriously. I will prove to you that I'm serious with you Awi..You know I am. You want to know something?"

"What's that?"

"I've told MY MUM about you!"

"Really Omid? What did you say about me? What did she say?

"Well I told her about us meeting online, she wasn't too trilled about that. But when I told her that it really clicked between us in real life, she was happy for me and asked all about you."

Wow, this came as a big surprise. I didn't think Omid would tell his mum about us. His parents live in Iran and he has one sister, who lives with her husband in the US. So this meant that he was indeed serious. My heart melted and I felt really good about us, in contradiction to what I felt coming home from Sweden.

I decided I should tell my mum a bit more. Yeah, I mean, she was my mum, I had to tell her something... she had to know something about her daughter, right? I mean it seems as if Omid is really serious! So what do I have to loose? GREAT!... (OH, I AM SO GOOD IN CONVINCING MYSELF!)

"OH Negin, I'm sooooo excited..."

" Are you really that serious Awi?"

" Areeeeeeeee, NEGIN!!! Negiiiiiiiin!"


"ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME? Do you really think he loves me?"

"Are KHARE, dooset daare... "

Manam doosesh daaram Negin, midooni chi goft emrooz?"

" Na nemidoonam. Listen Awi, you know Abbasssssssss, he got so jealous today. Because I was talking to this guy. So ABBAAAS said he was going to restore his mouth!! Isn't that cool?? I mean FOR ME!!!"

"How is he going to restore that guy's MOUTH from behind the PC...? Kheyli gholdor shode in Abbas taazegihaa ... Anyway let me tell you about..."

"Wait, wait, telefon!"

And off she went.

I send Omid a message, but there was no reaction. I call him on his phone, it's busy. I call him on his cell phone, he doesn't pick up. I call Negin, still busy. I call Negin on her cell phone, doesn't pick up.

I waited for a half an hour, neither of them had returned when I fell asleep.


My god, is that church bells?! I open my eyes and realize i's my phone ringing.


"Alo?" said an unfamiliar manly voice


"Alo?" he said again.

This was such a typical Iranian way. It's like a game. They say alo? alo?, till finally one of them gets bored and uses a full sentence. Since it was 4am, I decided to be that person:


"Awisa khanoom?"


"Bebakhshid mozaahem shodam, Negin is asking if you can turn on your computer and come online. She really needs to speak to you?"

"Excuse me?!"

"Bale bebakhshid bidaaretoon kardam, but she couldn't call you with her own phone and asked me to call you."

"Well please tell her I'm asleep and she can tell me in the morning."

"Awisa khaanoom, khaahesh mikonam, in Negin kheyli SEMEJEH!"

"Please let me sleep, I don't feel like coming online! GOOD NIGHT!"

I hung up the phone...

Again I was dozing off when the phone rang.


"Alo?" said the same manly voice

"Alo? befarmaaeed."

"Awisa khaanoom, goosh konin khaaheshan!"

He turned on the speakers and I heard Negin's voice shouting:


"Khanoom khaaheshan biaayn, saramo khord."

Feeling sorry for the boy and being curious at the same time, I sat behind the computer and went online.

"AWIIIIIII, In Omid kheyli ahmaghe, again I went into this room, he had turned on his cam for these girls and was flirting and when I came he wouldn't answer me. Then they bounced me out of the room. Fekr mikonam daare baa yeki dige doost mishe Awiiii!"

"Negin couldn't you have told me this in the morning... It's nothing, go to sleep.. Who the hell was the guy who called me? Why do you give my phone number to every one?"

"NAAA Awi, my phone bill was so high this month, my dad will get angry if it's high again next month. And you know my dad pays everything for me, I was just afraid he would cut me off from his money!"

"So who was the guy?"

"Just a guy I know..."

"Negin-e kesaafat, what are you up to?!"

"HICHI BEKHODAAA! Anyway you have to punish Omid tomorrow when you see him... tell him to answer me when I send him messages!"

"Punish him? What do you have in mind? Should I spank him or just torture him? Whatever pleases you hon!"

And she went offline.

I called Omid, but he wouldn't answer his phone. I guess he was asleep too.

Why was Negin so JOOSHI? So he turned on his cam in the room and there were girls there.. What's the big deal? Maybe Negin was just angry of being bounced from that room. Will ask Omid in the morning... too sleepy to think about it now.


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