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May 21, 2003
The Iranian

Part 14

10 December 2002
"Omid! Kheyli aadame bisho-oori hasti!"

"Chera Awi? Mage man chikaar kardam baabaa? Don't blow this out of porportion baby! Anyways, you came into the chatroom with a secret name to spy on me?"

"OH NOOO! Don't turn this around! Don't make it sound as if it's MY FAULT! How the hell do you think it makes me feel to hear you talk to another girl like that? How would you feel if I would talk to men like this?"

"Awi injaa chatte azizam. I don't know her and we were just talking! HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT YOU'RE IN A ROOM SPYING ON ME?"

"WHAT??? TAAZE TALABKAAR HAM SHODI? You don't stay loyal to me just because I can hear it! That not the deal! So what you are actually trying to say it that every time I'm around, you'll be faithfull and behind my back you'll flirt with these girls. I don't care if it's chat or not, we met in chat, so it's real enough! Just put yourself in my position. How would YOU feel it this was backwards?"

"I would feel like shit... "


"I'm sorry Awi..."

"Omid you've changed! How can that be? What happened!"

"Awi, it's nothing, I'm just being a stupid fool. I don't know why.. I'm sorry baby."

What could you say more when some one admits to being wrong and calls himself a fool! Zaeefkoshi feels good, but it's wrong... So that's why I forgave him and we went on.

Ever since that night Negin (or should I say Negin's protege) woke me up. I've been wondering how true her accusation, against Omid, actually is. So I went online with a secret nickname and sat in his room. Just listening.

At first he was broadcasting music and talking. Just as I was about to leave, to come online with my own nickname, this his girl came into his room and grabbed the so called micrephone and started talking with this fony, naznazoo kind of voice. Typical for Iranian girls. They think it's sexy to stretch out every word: "salammmmm, man noooonooosham az tehraaaaaan..."

And the funny part was Omid was totally buying her phony act, as she would say: "Jediiiiii, shomaa sued hastinnnnnnn? Vaayyyyyy man kheyliiiii suedoo dooost daraaaammmmmmmm."

To which Omid answered: "Ghadametoon roo cheshm. Man Gotenborg zendegi mikonam!" (What was he going to do next?! Exchange ID numbers?!)

When the girl started to talk about her everlasting devotion to the group ABBA, I couldn't keep quiet any longer. This was worse than being tortured. I grabbed the mic from her and revealed my true identity!

Was I really making a big deal out of nothing. Ever since I met Omid, I hadn't visited the chatrooms often. Especially not on my own. Everytime I was either with Negin or Omid. Why did he still have the need to talk to strangers and flirt? Didn't he love me the way I loved him? Didn't he love me AS MUCH as I did?

"Hey Awi, don't be foolish now. You trust Omid. He would never hurt you. He would never... right? ..NO HE WON'T... He promised me..."

I couldn't finish analyzing this. Negin wanted to talk. She sent me a copy of a conversation between Nahal and this other girl, who regularly came online. Negin didn't get along with this other girl... to think of it, who does Negin get along with? Except me!

I opened the file, while reading the conversation, I got more and more angry. NAHAL WAS TALKING ABOUT ME BEHIND MY BACK! One of the things she said was that she had never been more embarrassed in her life than that time she came with us to the club. She also said that she had never seen any one as ugly az Negin. And in her eyes I apparently resembled a walking disaster. Oh yes and we were all DEHAATI and BIKELAAS.

Why would she say this? I mean if I would open my mouth about her, she would kill herself. The thing that made me burst into flames was that she answered on the question: "How's Omid? ... Are Omid bache baahaaliye!!!"

MY GODDD! The nerve!! What a sell-out! The guys are always cool and baahaal, the girls are all ugly and fat... right? Again sooo typical!!... OMID BAAHAAALE!! OOOHHHHH this made me SICK to my stomach!!

And who the hell did she call DEHAATI and BIKELAAS, miss-oh-let's-all-go-to-the-club-by-bus-at-4am... I may be ugly, fat and a disaster to society, BUT I'm NOT BIKELAAS!!! (rage gheyratam started pounding like crazy)

I felt Cruella Devil replacing my ussual sunny and friendly character. So this is the way Nahal khanoom wants to play, right? Well ... THIS MEANS WAR!


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