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May 27, 2003
The Iranian

Part 15

15 December 2002
Negin and I were making plans on how to get revenge on Nahal. After my anger had cooled down, I suggested that we should confront Nahal with this situation and see how her reaction will be.

So we invited Nahal to a private room, just the 3 of us. We sent her the file and waited till she would read everything.

Nahal: "Oh my god!!! Ajab aadamayee peydaa mishan!"

Negin: "I know... "

I asked: "Nahal, toh jedi in harfaaro zadi raajebe man?"

Nahal: "Awi divoone shodi dokhtar? Why would talk about you guys like this? I mean inghadr bimaaram nistam! We met each other, we had a cool couple of days... ehm... why would I say any thing? And to this girl who I don't even know... I mean would I gain from this?"

Negin: "I KNOWWWW NAHAL, we're not accusing you!"

Nahal: "You know the shitty part is that I can't prove it's not me. Even when I was reading it, beh khodam shak kardam. It's written by someone who knows me and knows how I talk and how I write the text down. Vali be joone maamanam I didn't do it."

Negin: "We knowwwww. Don't defend yourself, we just wanted to show you, so you'll know what's going on."

After some more talk, our ways seperated and Negin and I landed in another private room. In these couple of minutes with Nahal, I was totally convinced that she was telling the truth. I thought Negin would feel the same way. But again I was wrong...

Negin: "Do you see what a bag a lying crap she is??... OH MY GOD, BEH JOONE NANAM, I'm INNOCENT... pleaaaaase!! I can see right trough her ugly fat ..."

I interupted her: "Negin, I believed her, she wouldn't say this."

Negin: "Awi, toam keh mano koshti baa in saadegit... BABA I'm telling you, she did it!!!! It's everything she thought and she NEVER thought we would get this text from Anousha."

I said: "Yeah speaking about Anousha, how did YOU get the text from her. I know you guys don't get along."

Negin: "Honey, I've got my sources... you know me."

"Boro baba, inghadr poz nadeh..."

2 days later
In the morning I came online and immidiatly got an invitation from Negin to join a chatroom. She had opened a private room again. When I entered the room I saw Abbas, Hooman and Shima. The ussual people we used to hang out with in the chatrooms.

Shima was this girl from Texas. She was realllyyy pretty. I had seen her in the webcam and pictures, which she used to send to Negin and I have to say I really couldn't find anything wrong with her looks. She had long straight, always styled hair, with blond strikes. Her eye browes were shaped really pretty. She had white skin, which was yet a bit tanned by the Texas sun, a little nose, labhaaye ghonche and to finish it all off cat-shapped green eyes. Last but not least, a body which would make us normal girls -- how to put it gently -- anorexic.

She was pretty smart too. She had everything going for her, except for one thing: she was in love with Hooman, this pretty gorgious guy. I mean I couldn't blame her for feeling attracted to him physically. But as soon as he would open his mouth, even just to say hi, it would make my flesh creep. Hooman lived in Dubai, just like Abbas. As a matter of fact, Abbas and Hooman were good friends. Just like most other Dubai inhabitants, Hooman had also cought a bad case of the Arabic dialect, which was really painfull for my ear drums.

The point of Shima's misery wasn't his accent. It was the distance between them and Hooman's philosophical beliefs on being faithful. The first point explains itself but the second needs some attention. Hooman believes he wasn't cheating when he went on a date and turned his cell phone off! In his own twisted little FANDOGH of a brain, he believes it's not cheating if not caught in the act!

Later on Shima would get on his case, to hear the reason why his cellphone was off for 5 hours! We all didn't know he was cheating, except for Abbas, who of course told Negin, who of course told me... but officially neither of us knew anything. I was the only one who tried to give Shima some hidden hints as in Hooman's cell-phone-off activities. As smart as she was, she wouldn't get my clues or she would just play dumb.

After Shima had left for the gym (so that's the trick!!!), Negin told me she had hired our Casanova (Hooman), just to seduce Nahal. What's the point I wondered? Well the point wasn't clear yet, but it would definetly have a big revengeful twist to it.


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