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To my Mother Moon



Azadeh Azad
February 2, 2007

Oh, Mother Moon
luminous source of sweet chance
make your fingers cymbal dance
so that tender drops of light drip
from your every fingertip
and every drop becomes a moon
that awakens me in my cocoon

Oh, Mother Moon
my solemn gloom I fail to fathom
guide me with your healing wisdom
turn your glow into a smile
and place it on my lips a while
so that melodies of frolic remote
flow like Siren’s songs from my throat

Oh, Mother Moon
timeless fountain of intuition
turn into a wand of vision
and strike my restive soul
so that from its burning coal
long due opus of my muse
be born of enlightening views

I praise you, Mother Moon
Goddess of metamorphosis
change your hazy nimbus
into sheets of pouring rain
to cleanse me from all my stain
so that I can trail your insight
and thus become your joyous light.

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Azadeh Azad



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