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A gold in the ground


July 14, 2007

I am an earthworm
by design, a moving gold
in the ground, slim catalyst
working soil, my trouble
touches Mother Nature
Her shimmer washes
my five hearts
Her plan has given
me so many eyes
and a body with no
beginning or end
when curious kids
catch me and cut
me in pieces, they
say all live and crawl
back in the moist ground
unharmed, no beginning
no end, a gold in the ground
Mother Nature’s grace changes
me into a firefly at night, a butterfly
in the morning and a falling star
that finds itself in the same burrow
as mine, it is because She sees me
noble, She delivers me from toxic
words of those who are blind
to my worth and can not
see my beauty, I am
an earthworm
by design
slim catalyst
working soil
a moving gold
in the ground.

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