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Aghdashloo has it all
My God, when are we going to understand that she is an actress and she has to show she can tackle any role?

March 11, 2005

First of all, I have observed Shohreh as a artist in Iran trying to make a name and later on in the U.S. (she is in the same age group as I am). Then two years ago I met her at a very small gathering where Simin Behabahani, Arian Frashad and a few other notables were present. She was the only person who was genuinely warm and interested in those she was introduced to. When she was told by the host who I was her beautiful face lit up and she said; "She is so beautiful and young!"

Okay, I know what you are thinking but you're wrong! The point I am trying to make is the fact that she comes across as very confident (not to mention that she is very pretty in person) and takes interest in other women and people who are doing something worthwhile for their communities.

I visited a mean-spirited writer at her little place in the San Francisco Bay Area two years earlier. She was among five people present and I was the only outsider. I was the guest of a person who was this writer's editor. She did not remember me even when I mentioned the gathering at her loft. Considering that I was the only woman (among the other five) who discussed literary styles and disagreed with her on a few points, she should have remembered me. She was brash to other people in this event as well (she is not physically attractive and sounds like a man).

I saw Aghdashloo when House of Sand and Fog was shown in our area and I was proud to have sold most of the VIP tickets. I was disappointed at her playing the role of an uneducated, weak and helpless housewife, but I knew she is trying to break into Hollywood and she has to start somewhere.

I knew she was meeting Fox TV executives regarding a series because she was in our area and a friend of mine who sponsors Iranian movies at festivals asked me if I wanted to join them for dinner but it was at 11:30 at night. I totally forgot about the series until an American colleague of mine who is well-informed mentioned about 24 and asked me if Aghdashloo was Iranian.

Then I saw the nasty messages on this site about her role in 24 and how she is a "traitor" and so on. I laughed. My God, when are we going to understand that she is an actress and she has to show she can tackle any role? I watched the show for a few minutes and frankly I thought they made her look too old and her accent too thick since I have heard her speak English and her accent is beautiful.

And I was roaring in laughter when I read that she is jealous of Googoosh! For God's sake, a handful of miserable, homely women said the same thing (and worse) to me when I published "Iranian diva" just because I do not worship Googoosh.

What all these irrational people fail to understand is the fact that neither one of us dislikes Googoosh as a person. I think she is beautiful (even though that shity blonde hair makes her look like she has an inferiority complex) and a beautiful voice. No argument there. However, what Aghdashloo means (I have not seen the statements) is that Googoosh really has never shown any courage and even went so far as to praise Khomeini when she sang "Agha Khoobeh" (how's that for a memory!).

Aghdashloo is an Academy-award nominee as well as a nominee for other prestigious awards. She is beautiful, educated and you should all be proud of her. Simply put, there is no reason for her to be jealous of Googoosh (or any other woman) because she has it all. Also, let's be fair: acting is her livelihood and if the role is interesting and not demeaning why shouldn't she take it?

Grow up and realize that people who want to call you "terrorist" do not care whether someone plays the mother of one on TV. Most people have enough brains to know that she is an actress.

Did you all get mad when Anthony Hopkins played a deranged murderer? No, you all praised his acting ability. So what is the difference here? Let's agree to disagree and embrace those who dare to express themselves and do not sell their integrity so they can be liked by a few.

As Hafiz says:

Boro moaalejeh khod kon ey nasihat goo
sharaab o shaahed-e shirin keraa ziaani daad?

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