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Death row

Let's save a life
How many thousands of us are in the United States? Is it too much to ask that 1,000 of us to $20.00 each toward freeing this woman?


September 4, 2005

About two weeks ago, I saw the link in Zanane Iran featuring information about a woman by the name of M.A who sits on death row and will be executed unless she can pay “blood money” to the family of the man she killed. My first reaction was of sorrow and anger (not for the man at all).

I immediately sent e-mail to my list of several hundred people pleading with them to help save a life. I was shocked when I got some calls from people asking me whether this was a legitimate case! Of course, if I said in fact it were, then they would help!

Having been raised in Iran prior to the revolution and attending school, my heart was always filled with sorrow because of the lack of justice for women. In those days other than a few bored rich housewives imitating the worst of feminism, which they perceived, we did not have women who took actions on behalf of other women.

In the universities of the 1970s even some of the most educated were simply there to hunt better husbands and be called “educated wives”. Those of us who tried in our small way to make a difference were branded “men haters” or “want to be men” because we dared to speak our minds and demand justice and equality.

Anytime I see an article seeking help for a woman, I unconditionally help. Why?

As an honest person, I assume everyone else is compassionate and honest until they prove me wrong. Besides, I am truly proud of the post revolution generation of Iranian women who are making small differences by daring to express their dissatisfactions. I am also proud of Iranian women who are supporting the women causes in Iran and give exposure to a cases that otherwise may never get any chance of being heard.

I ended up contacting Sanam Dolatshahi the contact person for Zanane Iran in the United States so I could get information to put the minds of the skeptics at ease. I was truly impressed that such a young person can be so motivated and focused and so unconditionally giving. I am always energized to meet people who are passionate about their beliefs.

I was inspired to share what I feel and envision with all of you hoping that some of you will be inspired to help this cause.

We can make a difference.

One of the first things we learned in school (in Iran) was that all human beings are from the same limbs. We were thought to be giving and help those in need.

In this case your help can save a life. How many thousands of us are in the United States? Is it too much to ask that 1,000 of us to $20.00 each toward freeing this woman? We can do better than that.

A few of my friends gave me money totaling $500 and most of them did not want their names be identified. Why don’t you ask your friends to help as well?

Time is running out. You can ask your friends and relatives in Iran go deposit equivalent of what you can give in the United Stated.

I get so many amazing e-mails praising me for doing something as selfish as sharing the music I love and many of you ask me what you can do in return. Your enjoyment was my ultimate reward.

At this very moment, I wish to ask you to help a fellow human being in need. Her freedom will light up her 12 year old child’s heart and many of us will feel overjoyed.

She may be a drop in the sea of injustice in Iran, but we can save each drop and someday dry out the sea of injustice. I am the child of Samad Behrangi’s generation and just like the little glowworm, I believe one person can make a difference. .

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