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Pink strike
Building a peaceful non-violent national strike



Ali Mostofi
Ocotber 11, 2005

It is quite pathetic, and sad to see why warmongers, with whatever veil (chador) they wear; be it democracy, freedom, piety; cannot see how a Non Violent National Strike has the greatest power.

The west, east, north, south... no one can sort out Iran's problem for Iran. We Iranians can. Even the simplest talk about Non Violent National Strike, gave the British colonial government of India a reality check. So all human beings can do it.

Just wait and see the expression on the face of some aliens, be they from the east, west, north, south, or even from outer space, when they are asked what will you do when Iranians do not go out and work as slaves for you? The people of Iran are today building sufficient resources to be able to paralyse the central government of Iran. Foundations are being laid down in every home of Iran so that they can survive when there is a National Strike.

But National Strike will not happen quickly. They have to be prepared over a long time. The existing government will always create shortages to have a strangle hold over the people. It wants people to be dependant upon it. But as people gain more strength they will build their resources, and then be able to ask the government, "what will you do if there is a Peaceful National Strike?"

Never fall for the false power, and never accept a change that involves killing. If the people of Iran just stopped work, or even talked about stopping work, it will give the dumb minds in central government and their Basij poodles, a deep feeling of the defeat they will incur.

Once the central government sees the apathy, they will try to entice, rather like the way they put forward so called "reformers" in their so called election fiasco. But it won't work. People will just not participate. Apathy rules. Apathy will drain them. They will not have a force to counter, as there is no force in Non-Violence.

The silent majority of Iran derives its Spirit from peaceful ways. We are sons and daughters of Zoroaster and Cyrus the Great. We do not need to create uncivilized change. We can create a change in which all Iranians can live with each other. The next time you speak to an armed Islamist tell him or her:

Why are you carrying that gun? We do not want to harm them. We want peaceful change; your guns cannot get us out of our houses to make bread for you. What are you going to do? You cannot fight 60 million loved ones! So listen to us.

It is really quite simple. All human societies have used this method, and it does not take a genius to accept it. But we are still finding people who will go out and create little resistances and die in opposition.

An opposition needs to be united. It needs one single cause to be united. The cause must be Pro-Life. A Pro-Life National Strike to oppose all kinds of political, religious and civil violence exists in the minds of all Iranians. The virus that besieged many Iranians in 1979 with the advent of Khomeini has been well and truly inoculated.

Iranians now detect and control this opiate that ruled over them. They have now found ways to enjoy life in the name of Life. They have found in their hearts and in their own history inspiration to unite peacefully in opposition. The future is to unite together along morally superior attitudes that will create a sound foundation for all our children to live together. A Pro-Life Peaceful National Strike, is the awesome power that cannot be ever contested by any alien violence.

Ali Mostofi MSc DUC BA (Princeton, USA) >>>

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