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President Bush? Yes!
Those who would replace President Bush are working to shore up the enemies of America and the Iranian populace

October 24, 2004

As the American electorate enters the last couple of weeks before the 2004 presidential elections the American left are stepping up their propaganda war against President Bush. The closer the election gets, the more desperate the left gets in their attempt to undermine President Bush's presidency and his doctrine for a free, democratic Middle East. In the 1980's the Democrats were highly critical of President Reagan's initiative in Eastern Europe to wrist control from the Communists and install democratic regimes. Decades later Eastern Europe is home to some of the worlds strongest democracies.

Today, once again, the Democrats are condemning President Bush's doctrine for a free, democratic Mid-East. Decades from now the left will once again see that they were wrong. The Iranian-American community must understand that these vocal critics of President Bush are no friends to the Iranian populace. In fact, in order to achieve their agenda they will back any radical group including the hard-liners in Iran. Some of the financial fuel for this agenda comes from US based Iranian-American organizations that have questionable ties to the Iranian government and millions of dollars to disperse throughout the Iranian-American community.

Eyeing the President's broadening lead over John Kerry and witnessing the possible downfall of the legitimacy of a failed Iranian government these groups have strongly broadened their scope. They are actively and desperately turning over every leaf in order to find damaging information on President Bush. To some extent these groups have successfully silenced the historically Republican Iranian-American community. Using propaganda, fear tactics, hysteria and sometimes outright lies they've scared the Republican Iranian-American community to the side of John Kerry.

Some of the accusations fronted by these organizations against Republicans are support for the MKO, military action against Iran, and support for establishing relations with the Iranian government. None of these accusations are even mildly true, but they've been effectively used by covert groups to distance the community from the Republican Party.

That's a real shame because the Republican discussion boards are consistently filled with words of praise for Iranian students, condemnation of human rights violations in Iran, and support for those seeking freedom, and democracy in the region. For example, an American Republican with no family ties to Iran started his own website in support of Iranian students. He favors moral and financial support to the students in Iran. You can visit his website at

Unlike the Republicans, the Democrats have consistently condemned Iranian student demonstrators as stooges of the CIA on their discussion boards, held their ears to the consistent human rights violations in Iran, lambasted the Iranian opposition movement, and often filled their discussion boards with downright racist and hateful comments such as claiming Iranians are too backwards to accept democracy.

Senator Sam Brownback (R)-KS one of virtually all Republicans who have endorsed Iranian students and their fight for freedom and democracy had this to say:

"Recently, President Bush praised the Iranian people who kept up protests for over a week in the face of government sponsored thugs who beat innocent women with chains. The president called these protests 'heroic' and indeed, they are.

"Just as it was an important rhetorical step for President Reagan to dub the Soviet Union an 'Evil Empire,' so too it is important for us to recognize the current regime in Iran for what is - an illegitimate, ruling elite that stifles the growth of genuine democracy, abuses human rights and exports terrorism...

"To the Iranian people, I offer my continued support. This is how history is made - one brave act at a time. The battle for your freedom will be long and hard. Stay strong, and know that America supports you, and will be there to help you rebuild your beautiful land. Hopefully, next July - as America again celebrates its independence, we can rejoice with you in celebrating a free Iran as well."

Not only has the Democratic Party avoided the issue, but Senator John Kerry has publicly and openly widely condemned any sort of support for Iranian students, endorsed negotiations with the Iranian government in support for their hand in Afghanistan and Iraq, and assured the Iranian government that if they aid in those countries the US will stay silent as the Islamic Republic crushes the pro-Democracy opposition.

A recent letter from an Iranian student organization sums it up best:

On behalf of the Iranian student movement and the Iranian diaspora around the world, especially our oppressed countrymen, we extend our sincerest appreciation for your leadership and efforts to promote long term peace and democratic rule in the world.

We also want to use this opportunity to express, once again, our deepest gratitude for your consistent and open support of our people in their quest for true freedom and democracy.

Indeed, your tireless support of our subjugated and tyrannized people has touched millions of Iranians and they view you as an ardent defender of freedom and a source of hope. As one of the few world leaders that fully appreciates and openly supports the aspirations and goals of our subjugated country, we extend our thanks.

Let us assure you, as you plan for the conquest of Mars, that you have already succeeded in conquering the hearts and souls of millions of Iranians. It is, therefore, imperative that you are re-elected this November, and you can count on our constant support, and votes, in the upcoming election.

Even as the Iranian people take steps to wrest control of their own country and lives from the religious extremists who have ruthlessly dominated them for decades, John Kerry and the Democrats are putting them in serious danger.

Those who would replace President Bush are working to undermine his policies and shore up the enemies of America and the Iranian populace, the extremists in control of Iran. To them, nothing matters more than taking power in this country, even if they have to prevent democracy from taking root in Iran.

Don't get me wrong I'm against direct foreign intervention in Iranian politics. Iran's internal affairs are for Iran, but the Iranian people deserve moral support. Also, I'm one of the few who'd accept an Islamic Republic establishment in Iran, as long as it was supported in a referendum. My point is that we should let the Iranian people choose whatever that choice may be, but they certainly deserve moral support in having that choice. Therefore, this election season I merely ask you to reason through and seek the truth. Don't let bias steal your vote.

My guess is that if the Iranian-American community understood the issues similar to the Cuban-American community, over 70% would support President Bush.

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