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Farah II
Reza & Yasmine Pahlavi have a new daughter

January 21, 2004
The Iranian

There has been an addition to the Pahlavi family. A friend sent me an e-mail telling me of the happy event. A baby daughter has been born to Shahzadeh Reza Pahlavi and Princess Yasmine on 17 January, at 17:10 Tehran time. She has been named Farah.

Thousands of children are born everyday in Iran and around the world. Many of them are born to famous people and celebrities. Why should this birth be any different from those? And yet it is. The royal family is the reflection of our national hopes and dreams and the quintessence of our collective character.

Hearing the news I could not help but remember the times when I heard about the births of the children of Shahbanou and the late Shah of Iran. I remember the joy and celebration that those happy moments brought to the nation. It was a confirmation that we were all members of a great family.

In Iran, the real home of the royal family was not somewhere behind the walls of an inaccessible palace, but in every Iranian household. Their felicity filled us with gladness and brought smiles to our faces. Those were the time of oneness and emotional integrity in the life of our nation.

Today looking at those royal children who have become grown up men and women we are filled with pride. The Pahlavis wherever they have gone in the world, have brought honour to Iran and have raised the stature of their country. Their detractors have done exactly the opposite.

Farah Pahlavi named after her grandmother is born after Noor and Iman. Gladness has joined light and belief. For those who believe in an enlightened Iran, it is an occasion to rejoice and be glad.

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Reza Bayegan

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By Reza Bayegan



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