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L'Eminence Rouge
(His red-robed highness)
Exposing Iran's dirty secrets
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Updated February 2001
The Iranian

Akbar Ganji is one Iran's leading investigative journalists. He was sentenced to ten years in prison and five years internal exile for "undermining Iran's security" by participating in a Berlin conference on reforms in Iran.

Ganji's most provocative articles appeared following the chain murder of dissident authors and political activists in the fall of 1998.

He argued that there had been many other political assassinations during the presidency of Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, the current head of the Expediency Council, all of which must be investigated.

His latest collection of articles, "Aalijenaab-e sorkhpoosh" (L'Eminence Rouge, "His red-robed highness" (26th edition, Tarhno Publishters, Tehran , 2000) -- a title he chose for Rafsanjani, based on the 17th century French cardinal who sought royal absolutism), has been a bestseller. Up to August 2000, nearly 150,000 copies had been sold.


- 26th edition
- Qoran
- Introduction
- Necessities of the sixth Majlis [elections]
Clerics against clerics
The jury & the press court
Resurrection of Evin Prison
Imprison Abdollah Nouri because his thoughts are different than ours
- Raising the fortress of freedom
- "Goftam ze mehrvarzaan rasm-e vafaa biyaamooz..."
- Releasing the devils, bottling the giants
- Abdollah Nouri, Hashemi Rafsanjani & Kargozaran Party
- The next step
- Abdollah Nouri, revisionism and pluralism
- The enemy's argument
- Secret socieites and repeating a national tragedy
- Contradictory statements, unjust actions
- Justice, cronyism and Mohsen Ejehie
- Kayhan, Akbar Khoshkoosh & Mohsen Ejehie
- Hashemi Rafsanjani: Two strategies from the right
- Saving his gray-robed highness
- The things they won't do until the curtain falls
- Special interrogator for Saeed Emami
- The many proud actions of the special interrogator for Saeed Emami
- The old tricks of the special interrogator for Saeed Emami
- How the special interrogator for Saeed Emami made prisoners repent
- Playing with death
- His red-robed highness
- Response to critics of "L'Eminence Rouge" ("His red-robed highness")
- Details of Siamak Sanjari's murder
- "Murder Therapy": The murder of Ms. Borgheie
- L'Eminence Rouge & intellectuals
- L'Eminence Rouge, dialogue & intellectuals
- The weakness of the moderation theory: A look at the moderation of L'Eminence Rouge
- Hashemi Rafsanjani & democracy
- Inviting Rafsanjani to a debate: The murder case of F.F.
- Elections and the danger of patriarchy's return
- Economic favoritism and hoarding wealth
- Elections and memories of the "cold winter slap"
- The godfather mafia
- The murder of Reza Mazlouman
- Fundamental reforms and direct democracy
- The threat from powerful thugs is serious and imminent
- Chain murders, elections and threats
- Wait a few days, "Haj Aqa" will come up
- We haven't scrutinized Rafsanjani yet!
- Niazi and the issue of Ahmad Khomeini's death
- Eye operation and...
His highness (By Morteza Mardiha)
- Critique of Rafsanjani: Why and how? (Sobh-e Emrouz editorial)
- Protecting this fragile child (By Masoud Behnoud)
- Rafsanjani: Reformist or conservative (By Sadeq Ziba-Kalam)
- Democracy's main highway (By Hamid-Reza Jalaie-Pour)
- Death of the hero (By Morteza Mardiha)
- Prudence is more important than the truth (By Morteza Mardiha)
- Playing with death (By Scott MacLeod)
- New chapters will be published daily

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 Flower delivery in Iran

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