The United States and Iran
In the Shadow of Musaddiq
James F. Goode / Hardcover / Published 1997

Eagle and the Lion
The Tragedy of American Iranian Relations
James A. Bill / Paperback / Published 1989

Empire and Nationhood
The United States, Great Britain, and Iranian Oil, 1950-1954
Mary Ann Heiss / Paperback / Published 1997

Forever Enemies?
American Policy & the Islamic Republic of Iran
Geoffrey T. Kemp / Paperback / Published 1993

Foreign Policy Failure in the White House
Reappraising the Fall of the Shah and the Iran-Contra Affair
Charles-Philippe David, et al / Hardcover / Published 1993

Freeing the Hostages
Reexamining U.S.-Iranian Negotiations and Soviet Policy, 1979-1981
Russell Leigh Moses / Hardcover / Published 1996

The U.S. Media and the Middle East: Image and Perception
Kamalipour, Yahya R. (Editor) / Paperback (1997) / Hardback (1995)

The U.S. Press and Iran
Foreign Policy and the Journalism of Deference
William A. Dorman, Mansour Farhang / Paperback / Published 1988

The Iran-Contra Conspiracy and Cover-Up
Lawrence E. Walsh / Hardcover / Published 1997

America's Iran
Injury and Catharsis
Christos Ionnides / Hardcover / Published 1984

Becoming Citizens in the Age of Television
How Americans Challenged the Media and Seized Political Initiative During the Iran-Contra Debate
David Thelen, David Thelan / Paperback / Published 1996

Beyond the Iran-Contra Crisis
The Shape of U.S. Anti-Terrorism Policy in the Post-Reagan Era
Neil C. Livingston, Arnold Terrell E. (Editor) / Hardcover / Published 1988

Commentary on the Uncitral Arbitration Rules the Application by the Iran -U S
J. Hof / Paperback / Published 1991

The Hostage to Khomeini
Robert. Dreyfuss / Paperback / Published 1981

The Iran-Contra Scandal
The Declassified History (The National Security Archive Document Series)
Peter Kornbluh, et al / Hardcover / Published 1993

Lives, Lies, and the Iran-Contra Affair
Ann Wroe / Hardcover / Published 1991

America's Long War in the Middle East
John K. Cooley / Hardcover / Published 1991

The Shah, the Ayatollah, and the U.S.
James A. Bill / Paperback / Published 1988

The Spectacle of History
Speech, Text, and Memory at the Iran-Contra Hearings (Post-Contemporary Interventions)
Michael Lynch, David Bogen (Contributor) / Library Binding / Published 1996

United States and Iran
The Pattern of Influence
R. K. Ramazani / Published 1982

The United States and Iran, 1946-51
The Diplomacy of Neglect
James F. Goode / Published 1989

U.S.S.R. in Iran
The Beginning of the Cold War
Faramarz S. Fatemi / Published 1980

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