Persians & Greeks

The 10 Thousand
By Michael Curtis Ford

The ill-fated campaign of Xenophon's army in the political chaos following the Peloponnesian War is the subject of Ford's debut, a long and labyrinthine affair that begins with the army's successful journey to Babylon and an initial battle in which the Persian forces are routed. But the tide quickly turns when the Persians sneak behind enemy lines and pillage the Greek camp.

Novel set in ancient Persia & Greece
By Gore Vidal

In 445 B.C., Cyrus Spitama, the grandson of the prophet Zoroaster, is the Persian ambassador to the city of Athens. He dictates his life story to his nephew, Democritus, with similar disdain for the Greeks--whom we in the modern world have come to view as the progenitors of civilization, but whom Cyrus considers to be bad-smelling rabble.

History of the Persian Empire
By A.T. Olmstead

Out of a lifetime of study of the ancient Near East, Professor Olmstead has gathered previously unknown material into the story of the life, times, and thought of the Persians, told for the first time from the Persian rather than the traditional Greek point of view.

The Persian Empire
World History

By Don Nardo; Library Binding

Full of black-and-white maps, pictures, and intriguing boxed quotes from original sources and academic works, this clear, lively, easy-to-read history breathes life into its subject. Starting with a time line and an introduction explaining how Persia came to be portrayed, historically, as a villain because of its wars with the Greeks, Nardo traces the Persian empire from the Iranian migration (circa 1200-900 B.C.) to modern times (a very brief half page with just a mention of the Shah and Ayatollah Khomeini).

The Education of Cyrus
By Xenophon,
Wayne Ambler (Translator)

The Education of Cyrus is a political and philosophical romance describing the boyhood and training of Cyrus, the founder of the Persian Empire. An influential work, it later became a model for Greek romances. Greek and Roman Classics; History
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The Golden Age of Persia
By Richard Nelson Frye

The definitive history of the birth and development of the great age of Iranian civilization by the world authority on ancient Persian culture. "This book is excellently written and well-organized to present a sound but reflectively new study of Islam's penetration...into Iran." -- Peter Avery, The Middle East Journal
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By Herodotus

"The father of history," as Cicero called him, and a writer possessed of remarkable narrative gifts, enormous scope, and considerable charm, Herodotus has always been beloved by readers well-versed in the classics. Compelled by his desire to "prevent the traces of human events from being erased by time," Herotodus recounts the incidents preceding and following the Persian Wars.
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The Persians
Greek tragedy
By Aeschylus

The Persians, Aeschylus' earliest surviving tragedy, holds a fascination both for readers of Greek drama and Greek history. It is the earliest existing play in the Western tradition, it is drawn directly from the Persian Wars composed by an eyewitness. And as pure tragedy, it is a masterpiece.

The Greco-Persian Wars
By Peter Green

Popular classicist Peter Green (author of Alexander of Macedon, 356-323 B.C.) offers an engrossing narrative of the wars between the Greeks and the Persians. This is real David-and-Goliath material, with the scrappy, feuding city-states of ancient Greece fending off a much larger aggressor.

The Persian Wars
By Herodotos

The Persian Boy
By Mary Renault

The Persian Boy traces the last years of Alexanderís life through the eyes of his lover, Bagoas. Abducted and gelded as a boy, Bagoas was sold as a courtesan to King Darius of Persia, but found freedom with Alexander after the Macedon army conquered his homeland.

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