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3 events, 3 implications
Same shit, different day...


August 15, 2006

This week 3 events occurred that separately could have each had implications, yet as usual, they ultimately only amplified that nothing will ever change until free thinkers stop being arrogant cowards, and intellectually wary of one another. Oh for the day when they choose instead to flex their combined grey muscle in unison.

The first event was the Sharif University reunion in California, and what was supposed to be just another chance to bang that hot engineering chick you missed years ago, turned sour as those attending from Iran were turned away at the Lufthansa gate at San Francisco International airport. Being instead led away in handcuffs, held in confinement for a day, and ultimately returned to the airport and shipped off back to Iran. That must have sucked. But Hey! Didn't anyone read the papers? I put forth that they did, and did it anyway. We all too often have that tendency, even though we know the party is wrecked, show up anyway, just to piss everyone off. To poke you in the eye. Even though we know you can easily kick our ass.

Basically we're like that kid, Tanner, from the 70's film "The Bad News Bears".

The real problem in this case though is that each of the detainees apparently had valid visas from various US consulates. It is rumored however that upon inspection and more importantly, the new computer scanning process, these visas did not pass muster for some reason. So people known for passing their share of difficult tests, flunked the easiest one of all. The full circumstances of why they were refused entry at the port of San Francisco is still largely unknown, but under close scrutiny by the legal team headed up once again by human rights lawyer Banafsheh Akhlaghi et al. I am sure there is more to come on that, when the scum is finally wiped, but likely uncovering a nice hairy loophole.

The other event was the appearance of a gaunt but well complexioned Akbar Ganji, whom you may remember as the most recent starving artist of Iranian politics. Ganji was recently released from prison in Iran, from which he protested the ruling elites' claims to legitimacy by going on a hunger strike that landed him in the prison hospital and quite nearly, death. Ganji has now somehow managed to be allowed to leave Iran and not only breathe (and eat) freely once again, but is on of all things a speaking tour rivaling only that of Shirin Ebadis marginally catered book tour. His stops have so far included Beverly Hills and Berkeley. Although I am not sure if it is because of the liberal political reputations these 2 regions have, or the fact that they tend to have some of the best food in the country! (get it? Ganji, hunger strike?)

Ganjis speeches though, leave much to be desired though, as they are more about long drawn out and boring wimpy attacks on imaginary political opponents (like he even has a future, never mind a political one), rather than the more obvious legal question as to how Iran's religo-power elite have absconded with the original post revolution constitution which guaranteed a clear separation of mosque and state, and have sneakily amended it to suit their political needs, including the sneakiest trick of all, namely taking out amendment rules. Leaving everyone with a constitution that cannot be amended to remove them from power. That and the whole presidential and parliamentary elections being rigged, thereby resulting in a total absence of any form of free representation of the people of Iran, thingey.

The 3rd event was getting up close and personal with the leader of the Shiite world. Baboo himself spoke on the acclaimed 60 Minutes program on America's most watched network, CBS, on a Sunday, right before dinner no less! I'm speaking of course of the rapidly aging and oderous Mike Wallace as he slurred his stroke-ridden questions like slow-motion softballs at a batting cage set up for paraplegics, past a grinning yet absent-glanced-simianesque (esque?) Ahmadinejad who was waiting with a pocketful of quarters [Part 1 Part 2]. You could see the glee with which he smacked each one into the protective netting with absolutely nothing to lose and therefore no effect.

The absurdity of the only person in Iran who actually thinks he is the president, was only underscored less than brilliantly by his curious demand that the interview would only be allowed as long it was shown in its entirety to the American public, via CSPAN! Which is possibly the only channel in the US that is watched even less than Iranian satellite TV. As you would expect, the half-hour version on CBS was better than the director's cut, but only because of the commercials. I think it was brought to us by Cialis and Budweiser. Which was perfect.

And finally, speaking of illegitimate rulers, President Bush all but admitted the alleged active US and British involvement in helping to plan Israel's most recent military exercise in Lebanon by denying the hilarious claims that by their tally, Hezbollah claimed to be the winner (wiener?), Bush basically announced that "Nuh-Uh!" in fact it was Hezbollah who had lost the war, by his tally. Someone should ask the Lebanese, if you can find one brave enough to answer, what they think of that.

Can someone tell me? How do the points work again?

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