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Fifteen minutes a day
Get informed and do your part in putting a stop to this madness


October 13, 2006

I would like to thank for linking Iran Information Agency, which as result has so far received over one thousand visitors. Some of you have added the site to your favorites and some of you have stayed and read the information carefully. But most of you have taken a quick look and moved on with your surfing.

For those of you that have not taken a look at Iran Information Agency I would encourage you to visit and spend at least 30 minutes reading the material. I think after 30 minutes you will gather enough information that you will want to learn more and also to keep up with new postings.

Why am I pitching a Web site to you?

Simple, because I sincerely believe our country stands at the crossroad of history and any wrong moves could result in nuclear weapons being used to attack Iran.

Why do I think this?

Read the material I have gathered over the past four months and posted on Iran Information Agency and I am sure you would not ask that question.

It is vital all Iranians become informed about what is going on. I know many of you live very busy lives and spending more than fifteen minutes a day on news gathering is more than a luxury. The site is set up in such a way that you can gather a great deal of information quickly. I started Iran Information Agency because I kept coming across articles that were scattered all over the Internet but where related to one central issue; war and Iran, and nobody was organizing it onto one site.

First I gathered the articles on my hard disk and after five years of doing this I decided to place it on a blog and the trigger for this was the Israel-Hezbollah war. I am certain that if the war had turned out differently Iran would have ended up being under a great deal of pressure; certainly far more pressure then it is under now.

I believe the vital issue every Iranian should be debating right now is whether or not our country's future and wellbeing is being looked after correctly by those in power in Iran. And if the answer is no, then Iranians need to organize and form a government in exile that can represent the interests of Iranians that do not agree with the decision of the current regime. We need to pull up a chair and sit ourselves down at the table where others are deciding our future for us.

This is not about a few building being blown up and life returning to normal later on. This is about the deadly radioactive contamination of our country's water, soil, and air --- and for generations to come.

And this war will not only harm those living now but will cause birth defects in our yet to be born children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.

Any military confrontation between Iran, America, and Israel contains the real possibility for the use of nuclear weapons, and most certainly the use of depleted uranium weaponry.

This is about the future and wellbeing of our home. It is about the health of our blood. This is about causing mutations in our gene pool for generations to come.

Get informed and do your part in putting a stop to this madness.

A couple of times I have kicked around the idea of creating a government in exile in cyberspace. How this would work is that we would first identify all the government offices that need to be filled by elected representatives; mayor, police chief, school superintendent, local council, and all the way up to president. Then we would write up a job description for each office, and this job description would be created online through collaboration via forums, chat rooms, and blogs. And the job description could even be voted on online.

The next step would be to find interested and capable Iranians that would want to run for an office and take on the responsibilities outlined in the job description. This step can take place anonymously, which would most likely attract more candidates, and also more candidates with the right qualifications.

We can then vote anonymously for the anonymous candidates. After the results are tabulated a secret meeting would take place where all the elected officials would meet and start the process of governing in exile.

Once formed and functioning on a managerial level; offices, security, communication, transportation, etc. the government would publicly announce its formation. And the first act of the government would be to demand a seat at the United Nations.

If we Iranians are able to organize ourselves to the point where we can actually form this government in exile then we would be offering Iranians in Iran a true alternative, and once they see that an alternative does exist the next step would be to replace the existing government with the government in exile. And this can be done peacefully and without any bloodshed. The power is in the hands of the Iranian people to create their own future. Or alternatively we can sit back and hope the current decision makers in Iran do not lead the country to war. So far they have not taken any wrong steps but the sense that there exists a trip wire somewhere very close is an extremely uncomfortable feeling.

What will happen next is very difficult to foresee but there certainly are very dark clouds on the horizon and the white caps can be seen in the far distance. Either we ride this storm together or we let the current captain deal with it. Mutiny is one option. How to mount the mutiny and succeed in getting through the storm is the difficult part.

If anybody has the time and interest in translating Iran Information Agency into Farsi I would be more than grateful. Please contact me if you are interested and we can maybe come up with some arrangement that would work out that is not too much of a hassle. When I check stats on the site I find very few visitors from Iran, and sometimes I get more visitors from Asia and Europe than from Iran. About sixty percent of readers of Iran Information Agency are living in the United States; the rest are scattered between Canada, Australia, England, France, New Zealand, Japan, India, Spain, and others.

My target audience is Iranians living in Iran and I am not reaching them and this is frustrating. Kashki farsi-am khoob bood va meetavanestam hamechizo be farsi beneveesam. Chee fekre meekoneed? Hameh een harfa bee faay-daastt? Va heech kari nemeetooneem bekoneem? Shayad doorost meekee, valli har chi hast vaz khaylee tokhmeehe. Comment

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