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Seeing red
Demonstration outside IRI embassy in London

July 9, 3003
The Iranian

Thousands of Iranian exiles in London turned up outside the Iranian embassy in London today to commemorate the Iranian student uprising four years ago. The demonstration scheduled from 12:00 - 14:00 went on for another three house as more and more joined the protest >>> See photos

Despite the warm weather there was a great sense of togetherness among various groups. Slogans in support of 8,000 imprisoned students and the "Ey Iran" (Our Iran) anthem filled the air. Young Iranians continued to circle around in their cars and on their motor bikes waving the Iranian flag with the Sun and Lion insignia as the rest cheered them on.

Some of the protesters were arrested for blocking the traffic and sitting out in the middle of the road, but the continous cries of let them go, let them go by others ensured that they were quickly released by the British police.

As the passions ran higher and higher, anti-riot police had to be brought in, for the fear of the takeover of the Islamic Republic embassy by the crowd who were getting stronger and more passionate. By now the crowd were spilling into the street and the police had to close another lane to the traffic in order to contain the demonstrators behind the barricades.

Crowds vented some of their anger with slogans such as:

Jack Straw, Shame on You
Temple-Morris SHAME ON you
Nicholson SHAME ON YOU
Robin Cook Shame on you
Colin Powell Shame on You
Down with Terrorist Supporters

When one Channel 4 camera crew turned up, the crowd then turned their anger on other absent channels and shouted, "BBC, ITV Where are you? Shame on you!"

Today was a demonstration of Iranian unity, all the political groups were present. Red paint had also been splashed over the front door of the Islamic Republic embassy, as a symbolic gesture of bloodthirsty regime.

Many teenagers and young couples painted their faces in green-white-red paint and waved pro-democracy banners. Participants agreed that the size of today's demonstrations was one of the largest and best organised in years.

The demos in support of the Iranian pro-democracy movement happened in more than 62 locations outside Iran >>> See photos

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