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Yellow traffic lights


May 29, 2005

I promise not to bleed over the wells in your eyes
So that you can “creep closer” to how much my heart has tricked hope into me
So that change will occur

So that I tolerate the callous of misfortune by others like me
From afar, through merit-less yet brooding days,
Turning pale as I think of living at a age
Before the thick layered vacuum of college
Raining over the sun of motivation cracked from the pavements of my
Doggish father and become a writer

And poetically empty
The uncleansable spaces available to me since landing
Like a rare-winged, Amazon bottled glow worm; fugitive from “another earth”

Until all I tap on my window pane are memories of public schools once private and new
-years’ celebrations once gathered beneath the radar of “family” and now all three are
unanswered taps on my window pane

As I curiously mount hatred for the emptiness of the sidewalk
And envy the prefect hideouts that once were

We get lucky too long until the streets are busy again
And promise is about as promised as yellow traffic lights

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