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Same crowd, same people
If Bahais cannot make new friends, how will they achieve unity of mankind?

September 4, 2003
The Iranian

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to attend a conference in San Francisco, sponsored by the Bahais of Canada.  This conference was open to Bahais and non Bahais as well as people whom were born in Bahai families but didn't practice the religion. 

I belong to the last category.  I attended the conference to see family member whom I had not seen in a couple decades. I was at the conference in the company of 3 cousins, 2 males and 1 female. 
These guys, all in their late 20s to mid 30s were there for 2 reasons; finding a spouse and learning more about their faith.  Yes, in that order.

Throughout the conference I met many of my cousins' friends; some had come as far away as Australia.  During a late dinner, I noticed a recurring theme.  The guys and the girls were all complaining that they were not meeting anyone new and that their interaction was limited to people they already knew.
The men kept generalizing all women at the conference as snobs and the women kept saying there were no eligible men and the very few that were there, were, guess what, snobs. Other words such as unfriendly, psycho, and unclassy, were also used, but I will not get into that.
During the first day and a half of this conference I did not notice any clicks and the fact that most of the mingling of the people was done in a circle of old friends.  But as I paid attention during the last day and a half, I noticed that it was true; people who knew each other stuck together.

Ironically enough, the morning of the last day of this conference, as I as waiting in line to get a cup of tall nocha from the Starbuck's stand in the hotel lobby, I heard the following conversation between 2 sisters whom had come from different cities: "... another conference, same old crowd, and we didn't meet a single new person."

Bahais believe in and preach many fantastic principles such as unity of mankind.  If a bunch of "young" educated Bahais cannot meet new people and make new friends in a safe friendly and close atmosphere/environment of a conference, how will they achieve unity of mankind? >>> Romance forum

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