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Dark and ambigious
Photo essay: Abdee Kalantari

April 24, 2004

A while back I stumbled onto Abdee Kalantari's personal photos on his web site. Abdee is the editor of Kankash and Nilgoon magazines as well as the moderator for the "Donkeys Party" mailing list of academics who discuss current events. In reply to a request to feature his childhood photos he wrote:

Gosh, that would be embarrasing, no? Nobody has seen these photos, but if you think it's worth it, it's alright. Only the selection shouldn't be of only 'sweet' ones! My personal favorites are the dark and ambigious ones. I have had a comfortable upbringing with no hardship and abuse, but some time between the age of seven and ten it became obvious to me, as clear as daylight, that this world is not such a wonderful place, and I don't belong to it. And I have felt that way since.

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