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Guys are stupid
I'm really pissed off with men, especially Persian men

By Mitra
March 29, 2004

My English is not very good but I had to express my anger towards men, so here I go...

Okay let me be frank with you: there is only one reason I am writing this article and that is guys -- men generally speaking; the male sex -- are stupid. I am just annoyed. Actually not annoyed but more like irritated. Okay, maybe not even irritated but really pissed off with men, especially Persian men, they make me sick, and you want to know why? Well I'll tell you in a minute.

I've never ever ever dated any Persian guys until last month when I met this absolute dickhead through a friend of mine. God, talk about being stupid. He was rude, disgusting, mean, lazy, unintelligent and unromantic. All he could do is tell me about how he is friggin "experienced" with women, who just made me sick, especially, that I'm a feminist.

He would always tell me he had fucked so many girls and licked so many arses, sucked so many tits, well you get the image... I don't know what was his deal but anyway I think it was his way of saying, "I don't really need you, and you need me" sort of thing, something like saying "you should impress me" or something similar.

I have dated many guys but this Majeed was one of a kind. A friend of mine said this about him "zood aashegh meesheh zood faaregh meesheh" (he falls in and out of love fast) which I think is quite true about his nature. He can't stick to anything properly, he's not even a proper player. I mean if he was a player he would at least be good at something.

He made stupid jokes and expected me to find it funny and laugh. He made fun of this really nice friend of mine who was giving complements about him, and he was telling me how she looks like "Abdi", the chubby Iranian actor. I mean seriously, do some of you guys appreciate anything?

This is what is making me sick, I don't know what goes in your brains anymore, is it really all about sex, is there anything else you people would give a damn about or is life a mission for you to find a hole to shove your dicks into? Well I mean if that's all you men are capable of, you could at least try abit harder.

My best friend Pasha is an Indian guy in his late 20s. YES he is Indian! You Persians, and your Persian egos, all you think about is yourselves and how you are from the "true" Aryan race... WHITE! And if let's say one of 'us' goes out with an Indian who has slightly a darker skin then the world must have come to an end.

I am not trying to say Indians are all good or bad, they don't actually like Iranians that much either, we "neighbours" just don't know enough about eachother's cultures, and we tend to categorize each other as "stupid Muslims" and the Indians as the guys with the funny "accent".

I just don't seem to understand some of you "try hard Persians". You come here to Australia and think you're an Aussie all of a sudden. Have you forgotten your roots? You've just left "paayeen shahr Tehran" (downtown Tehran) and ended up in Melbourne and now you're claiming you are better than every one else.

Anyway I am getting off topic here. When I was with Majeed he tried flushing a condom down the toilet. He comes back in the room and he goes "damn, the friggin condom aint going down! My uncle is going to find out I had a girl in here!" and I am just sitting there thinking, man this can't be true. Every minute I realise more and more how stupid he is. I was scared if I don't keep my distance from him 'it' might stick to me forever like a bad smell.

I mean now that I think about it, I can't believe I actually stayed with him for 4 whole weeks. I guess I was just hoping he would change. I tried so hard to make it right, but I never thought I would say this: some people are just "az rishe kharaaban" (rotten from the root). And there is nothing that can ever help them. Our evidence of men's stupidity is this Majeed prototype.

There is more. He gets his friend to call me and tease me. The chick on the phone goes to me "Hey, don't call Majeed anymore, I'm his girlfriend, okay?" and I'm just shocked of his immaturity. This is from a guy in his early 20s. So I didn't contact him. Then after a few days he sent me SMS email asking if I've left him and I'm thinking what the fuck is this guy on about? Is he joking?

He tells me I don't have "janbeyeh shookhi" (sense of humor). He says his female friend was only joking with over the phone. What kind of a sick joke is that? A guy who doesn't stick up for his girl is not a man, and he didn't give a fuck. Made me disgusted. I felt like throwing up. He hurt me, and expected me to believe it was a joke?

I mean it's not like I loved him or anything. It was okay to sort of hang out with him sometimes out of boredom. I thought no one could ever be this bad. I thought he might actually have a good heart but just a bad way of showing it. But nope, I was wrong, as much as I hate to admit it, he was/is fucked up in the brain, and there is nothing to help him, not even himself.

And then we have Pasha on the other hand. Pasha and Majeed don't weigh up at all. Pasha is this north Indian guy who is very slim and tall. He had done his early years of education in Russia, and he has recently finished his masters in IT and communications. He can speak Russian better than Hindi, and his accent is sort of this Russian-English-Hindi mix which is very cute. He is tan like me, and generally a very attractive guy who has the best taste at everything. On the other hand we have this boy who is not too tall, sort of average, can't speak English properly, can't speak Farsi properly, can't behave properly, is constantly struggling with his education and loves to get drunk.

I don't think any of you girls out there will ever, I mean EVER find a guy like Pasha. He is smart, hard working, kind, gentle, and sexy, who has a beautiful heart. He doesn't talk much, but when he does you know he has got something to say that is actually worth listening to. He will do anything for you, he is the most feminine guy I've ever seen that is straight.

If you look at him you'd think he's very mean or aggressive; he looks very tough, especially that he does body building. But inside he is so soft. He is the best chef who can cook the best Indian dishes. His house/room is cleaner than my bedroom, he's always smelling beautiful, his style of dressing is very fussed over, too. He never wears anything that is not ironed. But he is not gay!

As far as I know, many girls would love to be with him, but he just doesn't want any "girl friends". He says he doesn't have the old emotions he used to, and girls are "too smart". I never quite understand what he means by that. He loves sex, he tells me he just wants to "fuck... and that's it". But I have known him for over a year now, and he doesn't like to show emotions even though he has such an emotional nature. He tends to hide his feelings and act tough.

Pasha treats me really good. He listens to me, he helps me when I have a problem, he never hurts me, he always makes me feel good. He is like my angel, too bad he can't be MY angel.

I am just disappointed now. I don't think I will ever find the right one; he certainly won't be Persian. I rather him be human than anything else. A man with manhood and ego. A man with roots, a man who is proud of what he is, not some one who pretends he is Italian when he goes clubbing. A man with a fair sense of humor who has a sense of what's right and what's wrong. A man who can teach me when I do it wrong. A man who can make me feel special, perhaps the most special girl on the planet.

Maybe I just want someone like Pasha. Are there any other Pashas out there for me? I guess it's only a matter of time before I find out my destiny. I hope I meet the man of my dreams and hope that my life doesn't end up like my mum and dad's. .................... Say goodbye to spam!

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