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Not that evil
Since I was the only one coming from the USA, naturally, everybody was looking at me as though it was all my fault!

K. Mahdavi
October 12, 2004

This year, I visited Iran during the Noruz holiday. I attended some family gatherings, as well as get togethers with friends on the occasion of the New Year. I met several young ex patriot Iranians in those gatherings who had come from Germany, France, Sweden, India, Russia, and England for a holiday visit to Iran.

Political discussion was the hottest topic among these ex patriots, and they all seemed to agree on one thing: which was the role of the USA in every war and misery that is going on in the world.

JR, who came from Germany, was so mad at the Americans that his face would turn red and his voice was the loudest during the discussion.

Since I was the only one coming from the USA, naturally, everybody was looking at me as though it was all my fault! I listened to all they had to say, and made a few comments. I told JR to calm down, and take a deep breath! I reminded him how Hitler started the WW2, and caused millions of casualties.

I also reminded them of the miseries caused by Napoleon, Stalin, British imperialists, and other countries, to remember how many countries helped to prolong the Iran-Iraq war. I said, despite the slogan of "Democracy and Human Rights", most countries act on their own national interests.

In comparison, America has not been the most evil! They fought with Germany and Japan in the WW2, helped save France, Russia, England, and other EU countries, but did not keep any of these countries as extension of their territory -- like the  European countries have done. The Americans even helped Germany and Japan to the extent that they have become economic rivals.

But the most important thing is that we Iranians, wherever we live, should be united in supporting our nation, culture and history, and must not be influenced by the propaganda of the media. We should educate ourselves and our children about our history, culture, democracy, and modern sciences. No matter what system of government, no foreign or inside enemy can hurt a nation if they are rational, alert, educated, and united.

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