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He's trying to control my mind

October 1, 2004 sorta unedited

I wonder if you know a group of Iranian Sufis under the leadership of [XX]. If not perhaps you can ask other Iranian Sufis in Los Angeles to help by removing a menace from my life / mind really; because Sufis deal with the mind and destroy you via your mind.

There is a man by the name of [YY]; belonging to the [XX] Sufi group in LA or somethere in California. He is manipulating my mind and destroying my life from within me; via Sufi methods of committing crimes against other people.

The phone number for this evil man belonging to the [XX] is [000-0000]. You can give it to whoever you think may be able to help me: help stop him by confronting him and demanding of him to stop doing what he is doing to other people, particularly members of his own family (his sister, brother, Uncle and Aunts (mother side)'s children; new born children without the knowledge of their parents; and the kids are too young to know what this evil man is doing to them (which is forcing them against their wish to be followers of [XX] via manipulating their mind.)

I am not a child; I am 54 years old; and yet this haroomzadeh (bastard) is harassing me constantly in order to force me against my will to become what he wants me to be; a mortad (apostate) like himself. Make no mistake: forcing people by manipulating their mind; hypnotysing them and then working on their subcouscious, is against the law; even in the USA.

One must easily be able to have them arrested for doing what they are doing to the minds and hearts of innocent people who do not wish to be followers of certain Sufi master or peer.

[YY] is a criminal and must be reported to the police. I would be most grateful if you could pass on his name and number to the Police in your locality, asking Police to track him down and arrest him for doing what he is doing.

By the way he has a criminal wife who is in the same business as he is; they are both cooperating in order to manipulate my mind and make me do something against my own will: join their useless crowd which form the followers of [XX].

I believe in democracy and therefore respect [XX] in his own right as a Sufi; but if his ignorant, dictatorial and jealous followers get out of hand and do what this man [YY] and his wife do to me as well as other people (in Iran and the UK and USA), then I have the right to speak against their right to abuse their power / knowledge of how to manipulate other people's mind, and force them to do involuntarily things that they would not normally do!

If you could either report this man to LA police or find a phone number or an email for [XX] pass it on to me; or let [XX] know what one of his follwers is engaged in (abuse of knowledge and power given him by [XX]) I would be much obliged and grateful to you.

I don't know what else to do in order to save me from the crimes this man and his wife are committing against me: they have been doing it for over six months now; I am at my wit's end; you are my only help; and I hope you can be effective by having [YY] arrested by the LA police, for the crime of absuing powers / knowledge given him by his Sufi Master, and being engaged in committing crimes against hundreds of other Iranians so as to get them join [XX] against their own wish: by subverting their subconscious / zameer nakhod aghah.

Please keep me informed of the steps you will be taking respecting this matter and advise of anything I could do in order to stop this evil man and his wife doing to me what they have been doing for over six months.

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