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I wonder
Perhaps one day I will receive the privilege of practicing in Iran and serving my people



Salomeh Mohajer
February 9, 2006

I sit here and wonder why so many of the Iranian community have now participated in what appears to be a forced diasporas of sorts, whether it's by physical distance, or a loss of a sense of Iranian identity. I truly enjoy living in Canada and while my adopted homeland is kind enough to grant me citizenship, I have to be honest and say that my heart belongs to another nation, Iran.  

Let's forget for a moment all of our political differences (ah what an idealistic moment that would be).  Let's forget what form of government we support, and let's look at ourselves.  Aren't we the people who have thousands of years of experiences, haven't the great battles of the past taught us anything to use in our present lives and aren't we the men and women who hold our heads up high with a sense of unwavering pride to be called Iranians?

Our soil is a rich one, our culture holds within its depths immeasurable wealth that no monetary value could ever capture, yet we have allowed hate and pain and suffering to turn a once wondrous place into a shadow of its former self.

Perhaps I am too idealistic about Iran. I was so young when I left and my parents never forced the Iranian culture on me, they didn't have to because it was a part of the very fiber I am made of, I get goose bumps when I look at pictures, and yes even when I hear the national anthem I get teary eyed.

I often wonder that once I have children how I will explain their heritage to them. How will I tell them that people are starving, dying and hating each other when once they were thriving, living and loving one and another?

Before the reader writes me off as a naïve little girl with no understanding of the past let me add that I am well aware of the realities that plagued Iran and her people, with an honours degree in History and Classics and on my way to completing a Bachelors degree in Social Work, my thoughts are not founded solely on feelings. I understand all that has happened in the past but still wonder why we are making it so hard on ourselves to move into the future.

I wonder when the people of Iran will have had enough of the maltreatment they suffer and stand up for themselves. I for one do not want to see another Iraqi or Afghanistanian episode unfold within the borders of my homeland. I want ALL Iranians to wake up from their slumber of indifference and relinquish the status quo in place of fiery conviction.

I look forward to the day when I graduate and perhaps receive the privilege of practicing in Iran, and serving my people. Perhaps one day we can look forward to serving each other rather than being the foot stools of international politics and domestic masters.

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