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Treat ‘em mean, keep ‘em keen!
Some men AND women quite simply ENJOY the bittersweet cat and mouse game



October 16, 2006

When I first read Mr Shirazi’s ‘s pussy bashing article, entitled "I’m the Boss", the hardcore feminist- how dare such a “pedarsokhteh”, chauvinistic sexist son of a b*** denigrates & objectifies women- person inside of me wanted to kick him hard in the balls with my 10 inch stilettos!

But upon having second thoughts, I came to realize that he had made some good points, though I have to admit, it took a lot of courage for me, as a female, to agree with such radical remarks!

Despite being a female, and without attempting to be a traitor to my own kind, I have to confess that I too, have made similar observations. As a soon to be admitted lawyer working in a male dominated industry and being one of only three females working in a commercial litigation law firm, inevitably, I have spent a lot of time closely observing the male species and on many occasions I have come this close to beg those pussy whipped males, to order their bitches to shove it where the sun don’t shine!

Ok, as an example, picture this.

My boss, being a highly respected, self-assured, egoistic, know-it-all middle age litigant, is bossed around by this foxy, blond lass -- AKA the wife -- who thinks she has the right to run the show for him.

Let me rephrase that.

“Bossed around” is an underestimate, he is humiliated in front of his colleagues, reduced to pieces in the name of “love”. Not only does she create endless drama at home, which we’d rather not know, but almost always end up hearing about thanks to her “networking skills”, she gives herself the right to come to work and to state her always unwelcome and uninvited opinion on everything, from trivial issues such as letterhead font size to more important things such as how we should run our cases! I mean, helooo! She is not even in the profession and yet she gives herself the right to come and interfere with her husband’s work just to prove to him who the real boss is.

The boss, of course, as any loyal pussy-whipped male would, takes all the shit, always with a smile on his face, but as soon as the bitch disappears, returns to his old self-assured- won’t take no shit from anyone- aggressive self. I mean, ppleasseee!! By anyone’s standard, putting up with such shit on regular basis is too much of a price to pay for a pussy! Aren’t they all the same? Why not replace her with a tamed, “humbled” pussy as Mr Shirazi puts it and lead a peaceful and drama free life? But nooooo, of course he wouldn’t do such a thing! He has deliberately CHOSEN this particular pussy because she is a dramatic, hysterical bitch who keeps him entertained. And this is exactly the point!

Your theory, Mr Shirazi, although true to some extent, is not only limited to the male species. Both males and females consciously or unconsciously are attracted to dramatic characters and prefer partners who keep them on their toes. And that is precisely why “nice” chicks and lads finish last. Of course, nice people give you assurance of their eternal availability, for better or worse till death do you part -- and not till a better booty, bigger cup size or a deeper pocket comes along --, put up with all your shit and are peaceful, safe and secure to hang out with. BUT nice people are predictable and BORING.

And that is precisely why pussy whipped males or their female equivalents put up with such dramatic-hysterical-can’t-breathe-without-my-permission partners. This is not, as some might suggest, due to low self-respect and/or “battered Women’s/ Men’s Syndrome” symptom of the “victims” but is indeed an active CHOICE that they make because quite simply, they ENJOY the bittersweet, cat and mouse game and this theory stands regardless of gender of parties involved.

As such your concluding remarks, namely “If you do the emotional and mental abuse right, she'll be more attached to you and will do pretty much whatever you say” is more or less correct and applies to everyone, both males and females, because it meets the above criteria. By treating him/her mean, you keep him/her on his/her toes and if you know how to do this without overdoing it, to the point where he/she might kick you sorry a** out of the door, you pretty much have your partner under your spell.

To illustrate the above point, I make a reference to a highly reliable source of information, namely the movie “Closer”! lol! Ok, may be mainstream commercial movies are not the most reliable sources of information but this particular movie is an exception as it quite subtly summarizes the core of modern relationships in a sentence. This happens when Jude Law is leaving his “nice”, attentive, attractive, perfect package girlfriend for another chick and the soon to be ex-girlfriend is asking him for an explanation, to which he simply replies “because she doesn’t need me”! And that says it all! They all fall under your spell when you ignore them, remind them that they can be replaced by the occasional flirting with their best buddy and in general by treating them like they don’t matter much.

As cynical and pessimistic as it might sound, most modern relationships, unless based on “true love” and “trust” are about mind games and like any game, there are always winners and losers. Try to be on the winner side, but don’t ask me how, as I belong to the “nice” category! Sigh... Comment

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