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Jasmine Revolution
For Damon, my Valentine

February 19, 2007

The jasmines in the secret garden
Once trampled under a heavy burden
Bloom brightly under the moonlit sky
Not asking how, nor asking why
They shine and glorify the silky breeze
All is harmonious and at solemn ease

Even the old and sullen yardman
Who weeded without woos or wanton
Felt a sudden buoyancy and high
Blossoming blushes and a sigh
With sparkling eyes he looks and sees
A branch of jasmine ticking his knees

A sudden joy rushes through the lilac bush
Trembling leaves whispered "hush-hush"
A secret is revealed near the narcissus lake
The roses, the keepers of secrets, without mistake
Glow with noblesse oblige and pride
But this secret is not theirs to hide

Surely the jasmines should share the bliss
The source of this divine and dulcet kiss
"When the moon dived into the narcissus lake,
We felt a sudden flexile fluid ache,
A silent miracle had just occurred,
I promise this story is yet unheard

But since that moment our love has grown
With a scent more sweet than we have known
It was there and you all were blessed
With saccharine breezes that caressed
And now we are glorious and released
Know that divinity will never be seized"

The garden drifts on celestial dreams
And the jasmines, roses, lilacs as it seems
Reflect the light of their beloved moon
So that lost lovers will sometime soon
Follow the light of affection and be free
And share a secret garden like you and me.


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Tina Ehrami

Tina Ehrami


Touba and the Meaning of Night
A novel
By Shahrnush Parsipur



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