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USA can wait
The US should mind its own business and let other nations respond to threats

April 16, 2006

The United States should act much wiser this time around as the Islamic Republic through its loudspeaker President Ahmadinejad is bullying the civilized world with its daily rhetoric. One more time the Iranian president reinstated his commitment to the annihilation of Israel, denied the Holocaust and proud of teh recent announcement of uranium enrichment.

Ahmadinejad and Supreme Leader Khamenei were applauded by representatives of Hamas and few other terrorist organizations in Tehran for such remarks. The Islamic Republic has stated that it will also pick up the lofty tab for the Palestinian regime and Hamas since teh US and Europe have stopped funding the Palestinian government. Limited Iranian oil resources , in addition to funding the Iranian mullahs bank accounts will now have to fund the Hamas terrorists while Iranian people continue to face poverty, unemployment, drug addiction, prostitution, government corruption and many other serious economic and social issues .

The Islamic Republic is welcoming any conflict with the USA and shouting louder than ever "Death to USA" and "Death to Israel". Creating an outside enemy is their only remaining solution to survive the wrath of the unhappy young Iranian population.

Meanwhile the US is bogged down in Iraq and being blamed by all the couch quarter-backs for failure in rapid formation of a young potential democracy consisting of opposing Iraqi ethnic and religious factions who have been at each others throat for 1400 years and always controlled by cruel dictators.

At the same time Iraqi innocent publics are being massacred daily by those who are funded by Al Qaida, former Ba'ath regime supporters and those backed by the Islamic Republic in Iran. Europeans, Russians, Chinese, the UN and some US Democrats are now blaming the US administration for the Iraqi war escalation.

This time around, the US should play its cards differently and stop reacting to the atmosphere created by the terrorists. Iran's Islamic regime, by nature, has always needed outside conflicts. Therefore it will not stop its rhetoric and will proceed with uranium enrichment but they still are years away from a nuclear bomb and the US can afford to wait longer.

The only thing that the US should now do is to fully promote, fund, and support Iranian people and opposition inside Iran and abroad. It should also facilitate a variety of TV, radio and internet broadcasts to Iranians and it should support any opposition movement effectively, morally and financially. It should side itself with the Iranian people and totally ignore those who oppose such policy. This will also cost the US taxpayer much less than any military intervention.

Other than that, the US should sit back and ignore all IRI provocations. It should even ignore terrorist attempts outside US soil against other countries' interests. The US should only DEFEND its own borders, embassies, and direct interests as well as troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. It should address its own internal problems and leave others on their own when it comes to matters of terrorism and the Islamic republic. Meanwhile Israel should also maintain the same policy as the USA.

Much sooner than we can imagine, the good guys, meaning the Europeans, Russians, Japanese, Chinese , Arabs and UN nations will start begging the USA for its assistance and taking a leading role in containing the Islamic regime's hegemony. The USA has no direct financial ties to Iran and will not loose anything more financially by sitting back while others will have much more financial interest to protect in Iran. The US should mind its own business and let other nations suffer from their lack of proactive policies when it comes to the true source of terrorism and instabilities in the Middle East and the world.

Additionally the US should take the back seat approach in any international coalition funded and powered by threatened nations. Let them handle their own affairs for a change at their own human and financial expense. The US is a continent away and its interest in the Persian Gulf in Arab countries is well protected. Next time other nations will not be as unappreciative as they have been while they send in the US as the bad guy while they benefit from US taxpayers and youth sacrifices in the field of battle.

The USA can afford to sit and wait if she has to while others start begging her behind close doors to interfere on their behalf and that is only if by then the Iranian people and opposition have not overthrown the Islamic regime with American support.

It is time that others start taking responsibility for their destiny and pay for their own well being instead of their continuous complaining! Let them remember that if it wasn not for the USA, the Berlin wall by now was stretched to Paris by the Soviets -- if Hitler junior was not ruling the world.

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David Etebari

David Etebari


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