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Cover of a Googoosh single LP, thanks to Pedram Missaghi

Gharib-e aashenaa
Letters to Googoosh

The deep love and affection expressed in these letters to Googoosh is truly amazing. And they come not just from Iranians. There are letters from American, Malaysian, Indian, Arab, Turkish and Hungarian fans too. And the near unanimous wish is: please, please sing again. As one of her famous songs goes, "Gharib-e aashenaa, duset daaram biyaa..." ("Come back intimate stranger, I love you...").

There are more than one hundred letters here which were registered at Googoosh.Com. Like the previous ones, they will be forwarded to Googoosh herself.

* Before we all die
* Still love you
* I am 13

* Gave to life
* Unfinished book

* Recreate magic?
* Pictures on my wall

* 50 years ago
* Noonoosh

* I am not Iranian
* I'm seven-years old
* Crown jewel
* Everyday

* Cinderella
* Mazhar-e safaa
* Saw you on three occasions

* In New Delhi
* From Kuwait

* Girl from Hungary
* Afghanis love you
* Didn't like Iranian music
* If you had a daughter
* Aaloo Albaaloo Aalooche
* Best with Varoujan
* Laughing and crying
* Inceredible style
* Ey Kaash
* Those beautiful days


* Touched so many hearts
* Definitely global
* Sing my song
* I`m only 14
* You made such a difference
* Don't know Farsi, but...
* Turkish fan
* Too occupied by you
* Faqat yeh baar digeh
* I'm from Turkey

* Dar-de-del
* You're teaching me Persian

* Made a fake ID
* Praying to Gods & Satan
* Your songs in Darband

* Architype
* Made me love Persian music
* I am from Iraq
* "goo goo... goo goo"
* You are cool
* Aaarezoo daareem

* Half German
* Ageh misheh bargard
* See you again
* Restless
* Your songs everywhere
* Changed my life
* Persian American
* Foreign friends
* One word, "Vatan"

Touched so many hearts

Dear Googoosh,

What can I say to a woman who has touched the heart of so many Iraninans including my own for so long? What can I say to someone who makes me proud of being an Iranian? How can I thank her for the excellence of her lyrics, her singing and her ability to touch your inner most being? All I can say is:

Googoosh-e Aziz,

I, along with millions of others, love you, miss you, and will never forget you as long as I live.

Farzad Azari

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Before we all die

Dear Googoosh,

Would you honor us with your presence in the U.S. and give us one more chance to listen to your beautiful voice & look at your beautiful face, before we all die?

I grew up admiring you. I would pay anything to see you in concert one more time. No matter how old you've become or shekasteh! You still have more fans than anyone else -- ever!

Yours Truly,


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Definitely global

Dear Googoosh,

Unlike the majority of your fans, I am an American, born in 1972 in New York City and lived there most of my life. I have never been to Iran. I am not married to an Iranian. I know nothing of Iran.

However, I have been listening to your music for five years now. I feel that you are sometimes type-cast as an Iranian singer - a gem not shared with the rest of the world. Though you are Iranian, your music is definitely global.

In my university, I have insisted that they play more international music in the student recreation center and they now have four of your albums!! For an American university to play Googoosh on the loudspeakers was an accomplishment and they love it. So many foreigners have enquired about you.

I have heard your music in Germany, Netherlands, Jordan, etc. Not just the Iranians love and appreciate Googoosh!

My favourite album is "POL". The worst thing is that most foreigners do not speak Farsi, and your lyrics aren't translated into English on your web-site. Can you please do that for your millions of foreign fans?


Khodaa Haafez.


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You made such a difference

Dear Googoosh,

I left Iran twenty years ago but I just wanted to tell you that I still listen to your music. You were my idol.

I used to sing your songs at our family gatherings when I was young. I have never forgotten you. Even my daughter who is seven-years old knows you.

You made such a difference in our lives. We lived with your music, we ate with your music and we cherished you.

I wish you all the best,

Violet Abrahamian

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Still love you

Dear Googoosh,

Sedaay-e to hanooz tu goosh-haay-e man hast. Pass cheraa nemiyaay peesh-e man? No matter how you cut it, we still love you,

Roya Azimzadeh Deljou

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Don't know Farsi, but...

Dear Googoosh,

Whilst on holidays in Iran in 1975 by chance I heard one of your songs and was immediately attracted by the poignancy and poetic style contained in both the melody and your voice.

I purchased the small 45rpm disk of that song. I believe the title was "if". The use by you of non-singing poetic renditions was the most appealing part of your treatment of the work.

Since that time I have collected from Arminian friends four cassettes of your music. I am abloutely ignorant of the Farsi language but even so it appears that your lyrics come through.

Best wishes to you and your family, enshallah.

Frank Scaysbrook

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Recreate magic?

Dear Googoosh,

As much I wish that you did sing to us again, I often wonder if anyone, including you, could possibly re-create the magic that we experienced during the peak of your career in the 70s. I lived in Iran then and like so many other Iranians shared your feelings and emotions vividly and intimately. You sang and we felt; how could we escape the spell that you cast on us? There was no way.

So, what is it going to be? You abandoned us and it is fine if that is what you wish. Can we at least know that you are well and happy? I Hope that you live a joyous and rewarding life as you well deserve and that you are not in harm's way as you once were. That is all we can offer, wishing you well and saying that we do love you, as we did before and probably will in the future.

Setareh Sharif

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I'm seven-years old

Dear Googoosh,

I'm seven-years old. My daddy is from Iran and he listens to Iranian music. We all think your voice is beautiful. My mother is an American. I love your songs even though I don't understand them. I will learn little by little.

I think you look like my auntie who lives in Iran. She is very beautiful and had a good heart. I plan to get your CD because I love your music.

I hope soon you will have a concert here in Indianapolis. I can tell you this: you are one of the most beautiful and best Iranin singers I know.

Alexa Kathryn

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Faqat yeh baar digeh

Aziz jaan, baa sedaat ger-ye mikonam! faqat yeh baar digeh bekhooon , nah baraa-ye man -- baraa-ye Iran.

dustet darim,


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Turkish fan

Dear Googoosh,

I am a Turkish fan of yours. As I don't speak Persian I can't understand most of your songs but still they affect me deeply and the only Turkish song I heard from you was a killer. You were magnificent. I thank you for your art, your presence and your grace.

Let everything be according to your wishes and good health.

Ergun Geyikdagi

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50 years ago

Dear Googoosh,

I saw you performing in Bandar-e Anzali, 50 years ago. You were about six-years old and I was in grade school. I left Iran in 1963. It is interesting that after all those years I get information about you on the net. I always admired you and I was very impressed when you decided to stay home in Iran.

Take care,

Fariborz Saheli

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Hi Googoosh

I and my girlfriend Nooshin (she looks a bit like you and I call her NooNoosh! from time to time) absolutely adore you.

When I watch your shows and films and listen to your music, I sometimes think, I wouldn't have minded to be a 25-year old then instead of now. I think I generally belong to that era, but there is very little I can do about that now, and trust me, I'm doing everything I can!

Well so long for now, maybe we (I, Nooshin and another 50 million fans around the world) will see you one day. Maybe we won't, but we'll always love you.


PS: Nooshin here says: she'd like to see you in a concert one day.

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Gave to life

Dear Googoosh,

I have been a fan of yours ever since I was five-years old. My family is originally from Afghanistan and listening to your music has brought back so much nostalgia. I have seen your videos and I love each and everyone of them.

I love all of your songs and your voice seems to become sweeter each time I hear it. I listen to your music all of the time, especially when I just want to relax.

I understand why you do not sing, but it would be so incredible if you had a concert. I would be the first person to buy tickets. I am willing to pay hundreds of dollars for them!!!!!

I thank you Googoosh Khanoom for inspiring me and giving meaning to my life!!

Arzo Bashir

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I am not Iranian

Dear Googoosh,

I am not Iranian. But I have heard some of your songs. My husband told me that you are the only -- I mean "only" singer -- that sings with feelings. And he also told me that you have stopped when you were at the top! Well, all I wish is that you will remain the BEST and come back and sing.

Gowri Rastgoftar,

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Dear Googoosh,

The first time I heard one of your songs being played was in a concert when I was 5. It was "Khalvat".

I'm 17 now and know how to play a few of your songs like, "Khalvat", "Pol", "Khaabam ya Beedaaram", "Gol bee Goaldon", "Marham", "Aryalough", "Nemiyad", "Mah Peeshoni", and "Man Amadeh-am".

I have all your CDs that are being sold. Everyday when I walk to school and back I listen to your songs and then watch your music videos.

I hope one day you'll come here or Iran will be liberated again so I may go there.

Deeply in love with your music,


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Crown jewel

Dear Googoosh,

Aziz, I really can't express my love for you in words, just know that through this time that I've spent out of Iran (more than half of my life) YOU have kept the voice of Iran alive in me.

It's because of you and others like you that I devote my life to a free Iran. You are truly the crown jewel of Iran and Iranian singers.

You have devoted all your life to us, and therefore we respect that you want this time to be in your own world. Although in the bottom of my heart I will always want to hear you sing "Parand-e" and "Pol" and "Hamsedaa".... (Okay I'll stop now!).

My love for you is eternal.

Pedram Arang

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Dear Googoosh,

Mitunam hadss bezanam keh cheh zendegi-ye sakhti daashti. Vali beyn-e maahaa khodaa hasti. aayaa miduni keh eshgh maa baraat cheghadar samimi va haghighi hast? Cheraa?

Az khodam kheyli in soaal raa kardam. Chonkeh aarezu-ye harkodum az maahaast keh messl-e to, messl-e kuh dar moghaabel-e moshkelaat beistim. To Cinderellaaye maa hasti keh baa sedaay-e ghashanget beh maa jaan va omid midi.

23 saal bishtar nadaaram vali az 10 saalegi navaarhaat raa kharidam va gosh daadam. Vaghti ashegh budam...Vaghti ghalbam shekasteh bud.... Hamisheh baa man hasti. Har jaa keh baashi.

Duset daram,


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Made me love Persian music

Dear Googoosh,

I have known you for the past two years through the heart and soul of my beloved khanum (wife) who grew up with your magical words. You and your contribution to Persian arts will always be fresh and loved for centuries to come.

You have made me love Persian music especially your own. "Vakti hasti khubam, vakti nisti bito ...

Thanks for helping me appreciate the beautiful culture from an equally wonderful people. Although I am not Persian, I feel the message you relay through your music.

Thanks and God be with you hamisheh.

Satwant Singh
Kuala Lumpur,

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Your songs everywhere

Dear Googoosh,

All the Iranians love you so much. When I visited Tehran a few months ago I heard your songs everywhere (engaar keh hanuzam enghelaab nashodeh); in the buses, in the cars even in some peoples' stores.

Anyway I would like to see you. Just send me an email if you want to visit us in Dubai. We can hold big parties in my uncle's hotel and you can also see your old friends, Mahasti., Moin and others. Just think about it ..

I love you,


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Too occupied by you

My Dear Googoosh,

Just like many other Persians, I love and adore you. I love your voice and every single aspect about you. As I listen to your songs day and night, I become occupied with the thoughts of being lucky enough to meet you one day. I always ask about you when I talk to my family in Tehran. I just wonder if they know where you live or if they have ever seen you, and they think I am too occupied by your thoughts.

I love your movies (especially "Bita" and "Hamsafar"). I love all your songs from "Hamoomak murche daareh" to "Setareh aay Setareh". Your song "Pol" ("baraa-ye khaabeh masumaane-ye eshq komak kon...") will always have a special meaning for me.

As you already know, every Persian person is wondering why you stopped singing. Everyone has their own theory, yet the question still remains Why did Googoosh stop her career? We all wonder what you are doing and where you are right now.

I have heared many things like "Googoosh has her own boutique and a beauty salon in Tehran" or "Googoosh lives in Shemroon by herself"....

Dear Googoosh, during our Persian parties, we always play your love songs and we end the night with everyone wishing and hoping you were with us in person. There is always talk among us university students about what if you oneday decide to come to North America. There is always talk about how much would we be willing to spend on your concert tickets if you were ever to sing again.

The highest price said was 2,500 Canadian dollars and the lowest was 500 Canadian dollars. Personally, if I had the money I would spend as much as I could just to see you or hear you sing.

I watched a show once in which Kambiz was performing. At the end of the video clip, he played the message which you had left for him. You were telling him to take care of himself and that you love him. It was so nice hearing your voice. Now your son has a baby boy (Dara), and I wish I could see them in person.

Googoosh my 22nd birthday is next month and one of my wishes is to be able to see you oneday. You are a mystery not just for me but for everyone like me who loves you. You are very beautiful and both your beauty and your talent will always be engraved in my heart. You will always have your place in our hearts and no one will be ever to replace you.

Love always,


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Made a fake ID

Dear Googoosh,

well i was born after the revolution and i don't really have a picture of how it was back then when people my age go to the nightclubs and discos where you probably held your concerts. but what i'm saying is that no matter what, i would have made a fake ID to come in and watch you sing and dance, just like a few years ago when i was under age and that was the only way of getting into a nightclub.

all i'm saying is that i just love your songs, dancing and movies soooo much that i have gathered all of them. i just want to see you sing live in front of me and a million other young and old fans of yours who love you and what you have done for our music. to see you face to face is a dream which i hope some day some where will come true.

with loads of love, support and respect,


p.s. i always drink for you


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Girl from Hungary

Dear Googoosh,

I'm a 30-year-old girl from Hungary. Last year I met an Iranian boy here, and he's still my boyfriend. He showed me some of your songs. AND I LIKE THEM VERY MUCH!!! I have a European background and I didn't know about Iran before. This culture is very unique. Your songs help me feel something of Iran and also help me to learn Farsi.


Judit Szeles

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Praying to Gods & Satan

Dearest Googoosh,

As I am writing you, I have my Walkman on, listening to your song called "Shekaayat", with tears in my eyes. I am praying to all the Gods and even Satan for Iran to be like what it was before because I know deep inside that you want to produce new music but can't. You are simply the best female singer.

Luv always,

Milad B.

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Googoosheh Aziz,

It is more like a dream writing to you, since you have been present in my mind, and in my body, ever since I have known myself. I have seen your face, in so many places, in the mirror, in my mother's face, and so many Iranian women. You are the architype of Iranian woman.

And then, I also got to love shomaal through you. Not only I, but a whole generation got to love Chaloos roads, the landscapes, the sea, the smells of shomaal through your eyes. This was your gift to all of us.

Thank You,

Mahnaz Yousefzadeh

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Your songs in Darband

Googoosh Aziz,

salaam beh shaah maahi-ye daryaa-ye Iran : - )

hich moq'e duri-ye chandin saal-e shomaa az music pop iraani nemitavaanad jaa-ye shomaa raa dar qalb-e tamaami-ye javaanaan-e Tehran paak namaayad, az in ru har hafteh dar DARBAND baa jesaarat aahang-haaye shomaa raa baraa-ye dust daaraanat mikaanam.

dustet daarim,

Reza Torkzadeh

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Mazhar-e safaa

Az hameh -- Shah, Mossadegh, Khomeini, Rafsanjani, Khatami va ghyereh -- bishtar beh Iran khedmat kardid, va to raa hameh dust daarand va hich kas nist shomaa raa dust nadaasht-e baashad.

Agar man rahbar-e Iran-e aazad va aabad beshavam, eskenaas-haaye Iran raa baa temsaal-e shomaa mozayan khaaham kard.

Man dar daaneshgaah va madres-e dara midaham. Zemnan baraadaram, Sana Eddin Ziaian baa shoma dar film-e "Bita" hambaazi bud (dar naqsh-e Kurosh, ma'shuq-e Bita).

Shomaa mazhar-e dusti va safaa va mehr-e Iran hastid.

Dustdar-e azaadi, aabadi va sarbolandi-e Iran-e bozorg.

Dr. Ziaian

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I'm from Turkey

Dear Googoosh,

My name is Ebru. I'm from Turkey and I live in Istanbul. I like your music and I listen to your cassettes all day. Iwant to buy your new cassette but here I can not. Maybe you send me?



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In New Delhi

Dear Googoosh,

I hope this letter will be most surprising to you. I am not an Iranian citizen by law. But my heart is having same love & affection to Iran as any other Iranian could have.

I was born and lived in Iran till 1986. Now at present I am living in New Delhi India. I love your voice and regularly listen to your songs. I get your cassettes & CDs from Dubai airport. Whenever any Iranian friend comes to me we all enjoy your songs.

All the best for your future. Khudaa Aafis.

Bittu Anand

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Dear Googoosh,

As a child I used to sing your songs on my way to school everyday. As a teenager, your son was a classmate of mine at Iranzamin school. And now, even a fragment of your songs makes me restless for home.

Best Wishes Always


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Dear Googoosh,

Salam. Agar ejaazeh bedahi, kami baahat dar-de-del konam.

yek dokhtar-e besyaar zeebay-e shesh saaleh daaram. Khodam vakil hastam va dar Los Angeles zendegi mikonam. zendegi-ye man beh soorat ajeebi zeer-o-roo shod. hodoodeh seh saal-e peesh daashtam pas as sizdah saal talaaq migereftam va maadar va pedaram baraa-ye hemaayat az man va dokhtaram (Dariyan) aamadand peesham.

dar boh boheyeh jang sar-e dokhtaram dar daadgah boodam keh naagahaan hashtom-e khordaad 1376 yek saaneheyeh naahanjaar va ajeeb-e otomobil baaes shod keh maadar-e naazaninam raa dar jaa az dast bedaham va pedaram ham pas az bastari shodan dar beemaarestaan baraayeh 47 ruz, az beyn raft va kholaasse engar keh yek dafe paa-yeh va banaa-ye zendegi-am as beyn raft va mesl kasi keh hameyeh dalaayele zendegi kardan raa azash gerefteh baashand sargardaan shodam.

amaa meedaanestam ke baayad baasham va Dariyan deegar bejoz man kasi raa nadaarad. baa in ham-e ghodrat-e fekri, tahsilaat, salaamati, va etemaad beh nafs keh hameesheh shaameleh haalam bood, va baa hameyeh talaashi keh kardam, natavaanestam jelo-ye az beyn raftaneh in do fereshteh keh dar hameyeh zendegishaan dar komak va morede samar boodan baraayeh har shakhsi keh baa anaan barkhord kard, begeeram.

meedooni, zendegi hamchenaan edaameh daarad va rooz-haa meegozarad va mardom hamchenaan beh kaarhaayeh roozmareye knod mepardaazand. delam meekhaast ke charkhe donyaa be-eestad va deegar zendegy nabaashad, vali dar eyneh haal meedaanestam keh bad bood va baayd baasham va baayad baashad.

sarat raa dard aavardam.meedaanam keh to ham dar zendegi beh tanhaa-ee baa moshkelaate ziyaadi rooberoo shodi va be har soorati keh bood sarat raa baalaa negah daashti va mogheiyateh khodat raa hefz kardi. beh vojoodeh zani mohkam va baa estedad chon to eftekhaar mikonam.


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Didn't like Iranian music

Dear Googoosh,

Salaam khaanom. mikhaastam begam keh uni keh in SITE ro dorost kardeh va kaari kardeh keh maa betunim in aks-haa va in image-haaro bebinim kheili kaaresh dorosteh.

DID U KNOW THIS: keh man taa ruzi keh aahang-e KAVIR ro nashnid-e budam (1997) az aahang-e iraani khosham nemiaamad. baa shenidam sedaay-e shomaa donyaa-ye music iraani beh ruye man baaz shod. man DJ khaareji budam haalaa iraani kaar mikonam.

So have fun and good luck. I hope I can see u on stage soon.



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I am from Iraq

Dear Googoosh,

You rule. I am a boy from Iraq. I grew up in Iran and I have been living in Holland since 1989. When I came to Holland I really got into your music. As you know when there was war between Iraq and Iran, I really couldn't find any Persian music.

But in Holland I saw your pictures for the fist time and my parents told me that they saw you live when you came to Iraq in the 70's. WOW.....

Just wanted to tell you... YOU RULE and my dream is to see you one day. I am a very very big fan of you..

You rule....

There is one thing I wanted to tell you and all the people who read this...

I am looking for video material on you, especially Rang-a Rang shows and concerts. If anyone could help me I would be forever thankful.

You rule....

I love you....

Safa Nias

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You're teaching me Persian

Dear Googoosh Jan,

My name is Kellie and I am an Angelo who lives in the United States. Recently I was introduced to your music by my Iranian friends, who believed my spoken Persian would improve if I listened to your music. And I am happy to report that it has!

Googoosh, by listening to your beautiful music, my pronunciation is now more understandable. Merci!

Feylan Khodaahaafez,

Kellie Foreman

PS: My favorite song is "Jah'deh".

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From Kuwait

Dear Googoosh,

We are from Kuwait and we like you. You are the greatest voice in Iran. No voice will come like you. We would like you to sing again and if we come to Iran we would like to see you.

I was in Iran six years and I always wished to see you but I couldn't. I used to live in Shemran, Kamraniyeh Jonubi. We like to draw and would like to draw you one day.

Thank you, Bye bye.

Masoma & LeeLee

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I am 13

Googoosh-e aziz,

Hi!! How are u? I am 13 and I am a female. I luv ur voice and u! U are very beautiful and have a wonderful voice.U have influenced me in music. I am your number one fan!! I luv u so much. I hope that one day I can meet u! I live In Washington. I hope u will sing again and come have a concert. I would be the first one there! Well, take care : = )



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If you had a daughter

Dear Googoosh,

I think that you are incredibaly beautiful and have the best vioce in the world. And if you had a daughter I would marry her! of cource it would depend on who the father would be, but in any case love your work.

Love ya. oooooooooooooooooooses for you!


P.S. if you ever perform in a concert, I would give anything to be there. I promise!

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Saw you on three occasions

Salam aziz-e delam,

I am a 42-year-old married waman studying PhD in clinical psychology in Australia. I have known and admired you since I was a little girl. I remember watching you singing in a TV advertisement for "Kalaye Khordsalan" when you were a teenager . I also remember you sang Turkish, Arabic and English songs when you were only 16 years old. You had also an excellent performance when you were pregnant.

The first time I saw you was at "Shahr-e Qesseh cinema when you were invited to ateend the first screening of your movie "Bita" for the Sepas festival. The second time was at the Hilton Hotel when I was chosen as twenty finalists for the most intelligent girl for Zaneruz magazine's Dokhtar-e Shaayesteh competition. You and Sasan Kamali were running the show. I was thrilled and honored when my name was announced by you.

The third time was the summer of 1977 when my family and I went to Shiraz and attended Korosh Hotel. You, Satar and Nasrin formed performed at Shiraz's Garden Party. Surprisingly, your hotel room was opposite our's. I sent my little niece to get your autographed picture. Then we saw you swimming beautifully at the hotel's pool. I was dying to talk to you but I was shy and worried about your reaction.

It was my great honor to be close to you and share some memories on several occasions. I am also the sister of one of Behrooz Vosoughi's friends. We were happy you married him, dissapointed when you got divorced.

As a psychologist, I understand the covert dissapointment, stress and anger that I used to see in your eyes. In fact, you were tired of spending your energy and life for the sake of others, some of whom exploited you very badly. I believe the last 20 years has been a good rest for you, although it has been a great loss for all your fans including me. I hope you have a happy and long life, and sing for the sake of yourself rather than others.

I look forward to seeing you on the stage in the new millinium.

With great love and admiration,

Mansooreh Ghafar-Tabrizi

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Sing my song

Dear Googoosh,

I am living in Germany, but I was born and grew up in Iran (Tehran). I grew up with your songs.

Now that I am a young man, I am composing music myself that was inspired by your music. My dream was always to compose a song that you would sing. If that happens, one of my biggest dreams would come true! Please make this dream come true!



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Unfinished book

Dear Googoosh,

I grew up with your voice and loved seeing you sing every chance I got. You are like a book that I have left unfinished and Iwould like to know more about what you are doing now. You had a positive effect on my life, beside the pleasure of listening to you. You are very unique and I wish you the best in life.

Respect and love always,

Mehrzad Zamanpour

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One word, "Vatan"

Dear Googoosh,

One word, "Vatan". That's what goes through my mind everytime I listen to your songs. I was only a child when you were "dar oj-e-shohrat", but I rember every move and every minute. I remember how glorious Iran was. Yes, your voice reminds me of those times.

Anyway, all I like to tell you is that the old Iran may be dead in our hearts, but your voice is alwasy in our hearts along with the memory of Iran.

Have a happy life!


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Afghanis love you

Salam Googoosh,

I am 18-years old and I was born in Afghanistan. I love your songs and I think you are the best. Afghan people love you.


Jamil Assadi

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Foreign friends

Dear Googoosh,

The first record I bought when I was still a teenager was "Ghesseh-ye do maahi". That was 25 years ago, but today and forever, my remembrances from Iran are bound to your wonderful melodies and every time I can, it's a pleasure to make my foreign friends listen to your divine voice and they feel a great emotion.

I'll love you till the last breath.

Merci et au revoir.

Charan Narimani

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Aaloo Albaaloo Aalooche

Dear Googoosh,

Salum. Dorud. Hi. Dorud. Doru Dod Dod Dod

Aaloo Albaaloo Aalooche Cigaro Soot mikoneh dar Del A Koocheh
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Ghamary Hejri Darooni
Shamsi Hejri Borooni
Mehmon Ferestaadeye Khodaast
Mehmon A Sarzadeh Habib_bol_Las ( Farhang A Irani)
Shirraa daaran migardan donbaal A shekaar kardan
Beyaa dast bedast-e shon bedim
Khorshid-o bezaaran sar A Kaar Bargh towlid kardan!

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Changed my life

Dear Googoosh,

I love you I love you I love you

I am a 20-year-old student going to Foothill College, California. I came to the U.S. around the time of the revolution (I was about 5).

Your music has changed my life Googoosh Joon :- ) I listen to your music at night in my room and I think of how my life would be if I was in Iran. Your name will always be a part of my life.

If you read my letter I want you to know that your legend will never die, it will only get bigger. If it is possible, could u send me a picture of you and Behrooz Vosoughi so I can print it and put it on my wall? ... : - )

Your Fan,

Emaude Tayebi

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Aaarezoo daareem

Dear Googoosh,

salaam. omidvaareem haalat khoob baashad. maa (Furoozan, Hengameh, Khatereh & Fatemeh) az taraafdaaraan to hasteem, boodeem va khaahim bood.

aaarezoo daareem keh to dobaareh az poshteh abr beeroon beyaa-ee va tak setaareh-ye museeqi-ye Iran baashy. Baraayat aarezoo-ye movafaqiyat mekoneem.


Furoozan, Hengameh, Khatereh & Fatemeh

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Pictures on my wall

Dear Googoosh,

I'm Vachik Telimyan, born in Armenia (Armenian) my parents were born in Iran. I'm 28. I thought you might need a lettle info. about me, but that is not that important.

My Dear Googoosh, your songs make me cry like a baby beacause they are so touchy. You are my dream girl. I have your pictures on my walls like in the movie "Dar Emtedad-e-Shab", like Saeed Kangarani. The feeling I have for you is not easy to explain in plain text. I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU!

We all hope that there will be one day, one sunny day that we'll see you singing again. It's not just the Iranian people who know you. The whole Middle East is waiting for your sweet voice. We all want you to be very happy because that's what you have given us.

From the bottom of my heart - I LOVE YOU!!!

Vachik Telimyan

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"goo goo... goo goo"

Dear Googoosh,

When I was a child. I used to point to the TV and say "goo goo... goo goo". Then I become a teenager and listening to your songs made me wonder why is she so sad.. Then I got older, learned a few harsh lessons and got a taste of the stories behind your songs for myself, as if my fate was written in your songs.


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I`m only 14

Hi Googoosh,

Believe it or not, I`m crying writting you this letter. I`m only 14 years old, but I love your music. My whole family does, they are Iranian. I was born In Iran, but we moved to the USA when I was one.

Googoosh, please just come and visit the USA. If you just come, you will not believe the response you will get. EVERYONE adores you, not just love, but adores you! They will put you on a throne! Nobody can be like you, all these singers, try to act like you, they don`t even come close!

You are the only Iranian muscian that I like, I don`t even know the language, but I listen to yourr CD`s anyway! I also think you are the prettiest woman in the world, you have such a beautiful face! And I loved your clothes! They are so chic! I hope you come to the USA one day, please do.

With Love,

Sharokina Sava

PS: When you were younger, you sang at my grandparents wedding!

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Ey Kaash

Googoosh-e Aziz,

salaam. omidvaaram keh khoob baashi va har jaa keh hasti khoob va saalem baashi va behet khosh begzareh.

GOOGOOSH, Ey Kaash Mitoonesti Bekhooni Vali Afsoos Keh Shaayad Digeh Hichvaght To Ro Dar Haal-e Khoondan Nabinim.

GOOGOOSH Khanoom-e Naz, To Behtarin Khaanandeh Iran Boodi Va Anchenaan Baa Ghodrat Umadi Keh Hanuz Ham Hichkas Natunesteh Khodesho Beh To Hataa Nazdik Koneh Va Ehtemaalan Taa Saal-haaye Saal Baayad Dar Hasrat GOOGOOSH-e Digar Bemooni...

GOOGOOSH, Man Asheq-e Music Hastam Va Yek Arshiv-e Bozorg Az Tamaam-e Khaanandehaa Daaram. Albateh Faqat Aahang-haaye Ghashang-e Aanha Vali To Taanha Kasi Hasti Keh Har Chi Aahang Az To Bedastam Resid Zabt Kardam.

GOOGOOSH Jan, Ziyad Sareto Dard Nemiyaaram. Man Va Hamsar-e Aayandam Aasheq-e Aahang-haay-e To Hastim.

Ghorbaan-e To

Pejman (19) Va Fahimeh (19) az Tehran

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Those beautiful days

Dear Googoosh,


I am a 17-year old Iranian living in Turkey and l would like to let you know that you are the only person whose music has influenced me. Each time l listen to your songs. l recall those beautiful days Iran must have had before the revolution and although l have never had the chance to see those days your music manages to take me to those gorgeous days.

There is another reason why l can not help admiring you. While the majority of those prominent and rich Iranians abandoned lran -- including my family -- you preferred to stay in your homeland and never ever thought of leaving it at all and from my point of view it is an awesome behaviour .

You are the symbol of Iran and modern Iranian music. l thumbed through your biography and determined that you had had a very hard childhood , but in the and managed to reach the top. That hard period of your childhood migt have earned you some resourcefullness .

Right after writing this note l am gonna listen to your songs again just in order to imagine those years in the 70 's.

All the best,


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You are cool

Dear Googoosh,

You are cool. My father listens to your music all the time. Did you dye your hair blond or is it natural? Do you enjoy singing? If you do why don't you sing anymore? Do you like Celine Dion or Britney Spears? We love you.


Nastaran Hadizadeh

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Dear Googoosh,

I am half-German and half-Iranian and I was born in Germany and lived there for 12 years. Then I moved to the United Arab Emirates, where I first heard your music.

I can just say that the music you make symbolizes the history of Iranian music. By the way my favorite song is Makloogh.

I wish you good luck.

Lots of love,


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Ageh misheh bargard

Dear Googoosh,

Faghat mikhaastam begam keh hameh-ye maa iraani haa delemoon baraat tang shodeh. heyf shod keh rafti. ageh misheh bargard taa beh sedaa-ye ghashanget goosh konim.

Shaad baash,


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See you again

Dear Googoosh,

As you might know, the wish of most Iranians is to see you one more time or to hear you. You have been and you are my favorite singer. I would be really happy to hear from you! Or see a picture of you.

I just want to thank you for your songs.




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Persian American

Dear Googoosh,

I just wanted to thank you for your music. I am a Persian American, who grew up without the influence of my Iranian culture. But after being introduced to your beautiful recordings I am fast learning what a rich and beautiful culture I have.

Thank you!

Abiay Randhawi

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Best with Varoujan

Dear Googoosh,

I have liked you and listened to your music since I was a teenager. I am now in my thirties and even now listening to your songs instantly transports me back to those days - days of Rangarang and Do Panjereh.

What I admired most about you was the way you took risks with your career (always a sign of a true artist!) and the way you experimented with new songs, and were able to work with young musicians and songwriters. I think some of your best work was with the late Varoujan.

There's such a lot more I want to say but I think it's best to keep this short. I'd like to take this opportunity to say how much you mean to all of us, and we hope to see you perform again one day.

My very best wishes to you,


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Laughing and crying

Dear Googoosh,

When my husband told me that I can find your songs on the Internet, I was really more than happy. Even though I left Iran when I was five years old, and this is 24 years ago.I really miss it very very much. And I have to say that you are also one reason.

You were and still are my favorite singer, entertainer, actor. I still have movies of myself, which my father took from me, imitating you. I had always the same hairstyle as yours, acted like you, and even at that age, your pictures, which my Mum gave to me from Zaneruz were in my ganjeh.

I was listening to your songs, was laughing and crying and thinking of my childhood. Thanks for being a part of my life with your songs.


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Inceredible style

Dear Googoosh,

I was five years old when the revolution took place and you stopped performing. 21 years later, I still adore your voice, your inceredible style and your most expressive and exotic eyes. I have been wanting to write a letter to you for the longest time.

I just want you to know that you are adored here in the West and I wish I would be able to see you in person and tell you how you have affected my life with your voice and how you never let me forget Tehran and my childhood.

May God bless you wherever you are and please come to the U.S. because the Iranians need to see your radiant face at least one more time.

Googoosh-e aziz, maa baraa-ye hamisheh dustat daarim. By the way, most people say that I look like you when I wear my hair short... I ONLY WISH!!!!!!!! ; - )


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