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From "Daastaanhaayeh Raasteen" written by my father, Dr. Amir Mehdi Noorbakhsh.

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Comment for The Iranian letters section
Comment to Mr. Noorbakhsh's son
Adrian Amir Norbash

By Amir Mehdi Noorbakhsh

Haft seegheh dar yek rooz
"Temporary marriage"

Once bitten
Enough slogans; we heard them all during the revolution


The key
Be very careful who you give it to
By Yasaman Rohani

Not their fault
Women generally - not inevitably - bow to socio-economic pressures
By Laleh Khalili

Tonboon-e Faati
With so few rights, Iranian brides-to-be are extra cautious
By Nasim Bagheri

Love at first click
Never took cyberlovers seriously. Now I do.
By Ashkan Mosadegh

Happy without you
Last thing on my mind is an Iranian husband
By Banafsheh Pirasteh


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