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I finally decided to go for it
First kiss

By Fatemeh Parsa
January 15, 2003
The Iranian

One of the things you will never forget is your first kiss, no matter how bad that guy turns out, you still cherish your first kiss and remember everything about it. There are a lot of good memories, like how you have felt just before the kiss or the things you were thinking at that moment.

Now let me tell you about my first kiss.

We always say a lot of things and we think they are very easy to do. But when we actually have to do them, we'll start having second thoughts. Well, that was exactly how I felt right before I kissed my boyfriend. Seconds before, I was absolutely sure and aware of what I was going to do. But suddenly my mind was filled with negative thoughts.

I finally decided to go for it and kiss the guy. After all, I liked him very much and I also wanted to experience and share things with him.

I remember just before we start kissing, he asked me, "Do you want me to kiss you first or would you like to kiss me first?" I answered very quickly: "I'll kiss you first." I thought that's a very modern and cool answer for a girl. But then I said to myself, "Are you nuts?!! You can't do that!" But now it was too late.

He closed his eyes and waited for me to kiss him. I was right there, very nervous and didn't really know what or how I was supposed to do it. I didn't know how to kiss cause I've seen people kissing each other like a thousand times but I've never kissed anyone and had no experience -- not yet!

So I finally summed my courage and moved a little bit closer. Then I closed my eyes (for a second I wanted to be invisible) and leaned toward him. I could feel his lips. They were very soft. I felt something strange. With every second that passed by, I was more comfortable with him. I wasn't nervous or afraid anymore. I even liked it very much and somehow I didn't want to stop.

You won't believe this but the guy wasn't as nice as I thought. He was using me, I found out later. Anyhow despite all the things he did to hurt me or use me, I still can't forget my first kiss and to tell you the truth, it was the best.

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