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Dig Tajikistan
Invest in historical research and exploration

Siyavush Kheirrabadi
August 11, 2004

I am an archaeologist from the Central Asian republic of Tajikistan and am seeking participants and investors for a research project which involves the exploration of extensive historical sites in this country.

The ancestry of Tajikistan begins with the ancient Achaemenid or Persian empire founded by Cyrus the Great, who became the king of Persia and defeated the hostile tribes (Mongols, Attilas and Uzbeks) of Central Asia. The then-Persian empire covered most of contemporary Uzbekistan and north-eastern Afghanistan until it was conquered by Tamerlane.

The Tajiks were then ruled by the Uzbeks for many centuries and were subjected to brutality and violence. This continued until Tajikistan was claimed by Russia and put under her direct government. Consequently, Tajiks found themselves an Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic (ASSR), which was administratively part of the Uzbek SSR until the Tajik ASSR gained full-fledged republican status in December 1929.

Although the Uzbek members were extremely influential in the Central Committee of the initial ASSR, the fertile history of Tajikistan convinced other committee members to vote for the establishment of Tajikistan as an independent SSR.

However, important regions of this country such as Samarkand and Bukhara still remain under Uzbek territory. The influence of Uzbeks in the USSR Central Committee was such that Tajikistan did not significantly prosper under the Soviet Union.

Tajikistan boasts a long history and an ancient culture. The most significant figures from Tajikistan's Persian past are the 10th century philosopher-scientist Avicenna (Abu Ali ibn Sina) and the poet Rudaki, court poet in Bukhara in the time of Samanids.

The Tajiks also idolise Firdausi, a poet and composer of the "Book of Kings", the Persian national epic. Remains of the ancient tribes of this land can still be found in different corners of this country. The old Persian dialect which goes back 2500 years is still spoken by some tribes in the country. In my opinion this is misleading, because these are names given to these tribes after the event.

Are we writing comments here?! This can't be supported at all, that the Tajiks did not prosper because of the Uzbeks! Both republics were underdeveloped in certain ways intentionally by the Soviets, and by the 1970s Tajikistan was actually ahead of Uzbekistan in figures of education, literacy, health, etc.

It is important to note that this land has been essentially void of any historical or archaeological explorations. It is evident from historical references and local history that remains of the ancient Persian Dynasties , both before and after the Arab, Attila, and Mongol invasions, are still available for extensive research and exploration.

For the past four years, I have been carrying out research in Tajikistan and communicating with Tajik authorities regarding the archaeological exploration of Tajikistan. I have received authorisation from Tajik authorities to conduct exploration work, and am in need of extensive investment to carry out this research. I am therefore inviting you to invest and participate in this exciting and rewarding project. Details of the project are available upon request.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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