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Disastrous policies
President Carter and Hamas



December 8, 2006

Recently, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter once again has managed to put himself in the spotlight of media attention after making some interesting comments about Palestine and other issues. View points of Mr. Jimmy Carter on Palestinian election in particular, drew my attention in which Mr. Carter complained about Palestinian people being penalized for democratically electing Hamas to represent them in Palestinian government. Mr. Carter complained that Palestinians should not be punished because of this democratic election which he insisted, was in fact in direction of spread of democracy in the region.

Believing that Hamas was elected by Palestinian people in a truly democratic process is one thing but spreading of democracy in the region is something else. One important specification of a democracy is to work with harmony with the rest of the world while protecting its constituents and serving their interests.

Making a bad selection by constituents which happens everyday and in every corner of "democratic world" is nothing out of ordinary in an environment which true foundations of democracy are easily manipulated or non existent. If Palestinian people made an informed decision to elect Hamas as their representative then, like any other democratic society, they should live with the consequences of their own decision. Why the rest of the world should accept and respect a group of known terrorists because they were "elected democratically" to represent a people?

Germans elected Hitler as their leader and dictator in multiple "democratic elections" in 1930's but that did not stop other nations to get rid of him when conditions became unbearable. This is a very clear example that a party or group in any nation which has no respect for accepted values by the rest of the world should not receive automatic acceptance by others just based on being "democratically elected".

In a democratic world when a party wins a democratic election and fails to deliver the campaign promises, the consequences will be for the whole people in that society which made that choice. As a result those people, if wise enough, may decide to go with more realistic options next time. It is obvious that, depending on the situation, the resulting effects of mistakes made by a society may vary as far as magnitude and in some cases, those mistakes, could have an impact on the whole humanity.

Disastrous policies of former President Carter towards an allied nation during 1970's resulted in the rise of a fundamentalist Islamic ideology from which world may suffer for a very long time to come. Regardless of the reasons which Mr. Jimmy Carter might have had to justify his behavior at that time, the rise of another group of fundamentalists which uses terrorism as a tool to achieve objectives in Middle East, can only be described as an indirect result of his actions at the time of his presidency.

Hamas and almost any other terrorist groups in the Middle East and the rest of the world are on pay list of Islamic Republic regime in Iran which has its hands on a vast amount of wealth enough to manipulate the money hungry politicians of the world to implement their plans.

Rise of Hezbollah in Lebanon and another group in Iraq armed with Shiite radicalism could never be possible without backing of Islamic Republic regime in Iran. Use of terrorism as a tool to intimidate others combined with huge amounts of money generously distributed among terrorist groups has put Islamic regime of Iran into a position which United States and others are now considering getting into negotiation with them! This is a clear indication of seriousness of situation.

There is no question that Islamists have been working for a long time since more than a hundred years ago to find a way into governing of Islamic nations but, if it was not for incompetent policies of President Carter, they would never be as close as they are now to domination of at least a certain portion of the world.

Mr. Carter's wrong policies, has put the world on a roller coaster path in which events like 9/11 may look like a picnic one day! Mr. Carter should stop meddling with affairs which he does not know about just to promote a book full of political correctness that he published to sell and serve his own pocket only. Comment


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