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A step forward
The opposition must establish its legitimacy by showing courage and wisdom



October 31, 2006

Almost twenty eight years have passed from the establishment of theocratic regime in Iran which has been responsible for many calamities imposed on our nation during this period. Apart from deprivation of our people from peace and prosperity which they enjoyed prior to cleric rulers of Iran, most of Islamic regime's authorities from top to bottom have been involved in many serious crimes against Iranians. Widespread looting of national resources and corruption at different levels of government along with use of extremely suppressive forces against people has left no choice for most Iranians to either leave the country if they can or settle with the misery that is forced upon them.

During the past 27 years, double digit unemployment and struggle with poverty has driven the nation to a depression and change of fundamental moral values in a society which has a long history with dignity and honor. More than 40 percent of Iranians live below poverty line even based on Islamic regime's standards and they have hard time in every minute of their daily lives in order to make the ends meet!

It is under such dreadful conditions which Islamic rulers have decided one more time to drag our nation into a crisis and conflict to satisfy the system which is founded on deception and lies with its divine mission to impose rules of Allah on earth! Islamic regime of Iran that has failed to accomplish anything positive for any Iranian other than those who are affiliated with ruling clerics and their families, has made freedom of Palestinian lands and destruction of Israel their number one priority!

In early 1980's, leaders of Islamic regime in Iran welcomed the attack of Iraqi army to our country as a gift from god which would help them to silence and destroy any voice of opposition that had already started to gather momentum since the first few weeks from Islamic revolution in February of 1979. Similar to those days, leaders of Islamic regime today declare the imposition of international sanctions against our nation as a cause for celebration and in this way, they are ready to turn Iran into another North Korea in which laughter is a rare commodity and some people are dying on the streets from disastrous living condition under dictatorship of Kim Jong-il.

One day, war became a gift from god and another day Islamic rulers celebrate international sanctions on Iran to show their disregard for any humane values and our people's rights. It is obvious that with this mentality and with war mongering policies of Islamic regime's rulers as representatives of Allah on earth, we will soon be witnessing another gift package from god in which for Iranians there will be more misery, more corruptions and more humiliations. There is no need to be an expert in any field in order to see the coming storm that will destroy anything on its path. What else do Iranians need to see in order to get their act together and do something for the sake of saving themselves from disaster rather than waiting to see what others will do?

Situation in Iraq and Afghanistan clearly shows it will be very hard to reach stability for any government after invasion and attack by foreign forces. Moreover, Iran is a totally different territory and conditions are much different. Islamic rulers have kept the nation in deep misery and corruption so they can buy their way out using the enormous wealth at their exposal whenever they need. There are still some people whose sincere religious beliefs could be manipulated and taken advantage of by ruling clerics to make everything difficult for others. And of course there are those who care for nothing other than their own petty interests which they believe could be achieved through association or dealing with rich mullahs.

There is ample amount of reasons to justify prompt action in direction of removal of clerical tyranny in our country. Military intervention by foreign nations will do no service to the interests of Iranian nation and will push Iran back into dark ages while Islamic rulers can survive such attack without much trouble. For years, Iranian opposition groups and individuals residing outside the country have been neutralized by manipulative propagandas of Islamic regime in promotion of this unrealistic notion that no one from outside the country can "prescribe" any action and have serious effect inside!

Unfortunately, many of Iranians inside and outside the country have simplistically fallen for this nonsense which has disabled a good portion of opposition forces to consider more active approach to the question of regime change in Iran. It is a patriotic duty of any Iranian who loves his/her country to speak up and participate in any action that could contribute to the liberty of our nation and no one is exempted! In the absence of democratic options to bring possible changes in politics of our nation, every Iranian, specially political groups and activists have the right to "prescribe" what they believe is beneficial in direction of removing Islamic tyranny from our nation and creating a democratic establishment that serves the national interests rather than an ideology. It is better to speak up now and avoid future regrets.

The constitution of Islamic republic regime in Iran is nothing but a cycle of doom which starts from "velayat faghih" (absolute rule of mullah) and ends with "velayat faghih". More than 9 years ago Iranian people elected a president whom they thought would be helpful in bringing the much needed change in the country. This was the ultimate show of democracy, Islamic republic style, in which Iranians went against the wishes of "vali faghih" by electing a clergyman from whom they heard what they wished for in his political campaign. People participated in that game to try the last possible resort in order to bring the peaceful changes they wished for but soon enough they had to deal with broken promises, outburst of chain killings and increasing stoning and other inhumane punishments to remember one more time that by whom they are ruled!

All attempts in the past 27 years to bring slightest political change in Iran have been brutally confronted and suppressed by clerical rulers and every door has been slammed in the face of Iranian people. It is under such condition and in the absence of a competent opposition inside and outside that many Iranians are desperately waiting for a savior from the western world to make things right in Iran! Iranian opposition groups have no choice but to stand up and provide Iranians with clear directions and guidance with no ambiguity on how to react.

It's time for Iranian opposition groups and leaders to show their sincerity rather than hanging to cliché and political correctness without fear of being labeled. It is only in critical times when a leadership can establish its legitimacy by showing courage and wisdom. It is time to call upon the nation to act on their own behalf without being afraid of old and obsolete "prescription" propaganda! It's time for strike rather than wait and regret the inaction later! Iranian people welcomed the call by foreign based opposition groups about two years ago with widespread boycott of presidential election. It's time to step up the action through a laud and clear call for a general strike against policies of tyrannical regime by every single opposition group or leader. It is time to be specific and to the point! Comment


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