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Point of no return
Get united for Iran



February 12, 2007

The Islamic revolution makers of 1960's and 1970's are traveling around the world these days to paint a different image of their Islamic system for the Iranians abroad and others. In the summer of the year 1997, when a "moderate" clergy could gain the trust of Iranians as new Islamic president with promises of change and prosperity in his political campaign and debates, many people (including myself) were convinced that real change in near future would be inevitable.

During those days it happened that I was there to witness how our nation tried to defeat the deceitful masters of Islamic regime in their own game. Polling stations were packed and many had run out of the electoral cards. Long lines of enthusiastic people of all spectrums in society were indication of political maturity of Iranians who had decided to choose a peaceful way to show their opposition to the current behavior of Islamic regime at that time hoping that their participation in election would make the leaders of Islamic regime to rethink their treatment of the nation.

The hard line candidate who was strongly but obscurely supported by Ali Khamenei became very disappointed after that event and joined the long list of "non-elected" officials around Ali Khameni who in fact is the main holder of real power in Islamic Republic system. The angry lecture by Ali Khameni for Islamic Judges immediately after this election and asking them to perform their duties and fight against corruption in the system was clear threat against those who worked to defeat the hard line candidate.

The mayor of Tehran at that time was Mr. Karbaschi who was considered the main cause of defeat of hard line candidate by investing in extensive campaign for Khatami's presidency. The sweetness of defeating "supreme leader" in his game did not last that long for Iranian people. The newly "reformist" faction which had been formed around Khatami's messages and campaign promises came under attack by hard liners which had their grip on power through different tools. Mr. Karbaschi was removed and sent to prison for corruption and other members of "reformists" followed during the months and years after that.

Factional struggles in Islamic regime was taken to a new level in second year of Khatami's presidency after some of the known internal opposition figures, who were not part of either faction in Islamic regime, were kidnapped and/or murdered in a series of murderous actions by Islamic Republic's information ministry under Dorri-Najafabadi. These murders became a source for new confrontations between the two factions and resulted in revelation of the role of hard line islamist figures who had the information ministry under their influence. In fact, these struggles, killings and imprisoning which had intensified after election of Khatami, was the only outcome for Iranian people as the society continued its economic decline.

In the meantime, Islamic leaders who had taken mass participation of Iranians in elections at record level as a symbol of their legitimacy took advantage of this situation and started a trail of unfair economic and military contracts with different foreign companies just to fill the pockets of some associates with generous commission pay. Coming of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with war mongering slogans and rhetoric added more to the overwhelming number of problems that Iranian people had to deal with. The infamous conference of holocaust deniers in Tehran and the meddling of Islamic government in the affairs of Lebanon and Iraq through different terrorist groups and spending hundreds of millions of dollars from the pockets of poverty ridden nation is just the tip of the iceberg.

It maybe obvious to Iranians that Mahdi militia in Iraq and Hezbollah in Lebanon are both receiving extensive financial support from Islamic Republic regime in Iran but it seems like a mysterious and complicated issue for westerners whose involvement in Iraq has created a lot of political problems for them at home! In this anniversary of "Islamic revolution", thanks to warmongering slogans, activities and speeches of irresponsible leaders of Islamic regime, Iran is in a grave danger of being forced into a war from which extremely disastrous consequences will arise! Islamic regime, through a calculated process, has dragged Iran into a situation which has tied the destiny of their corrupt system with many political entities in different nations all around the world in order to guaranty its continuity.

The menace of Islamic Republic in Iran has cost Iranian nation more than two thousand billion dollars and much of the natural resources have been destroyed as a result of over consumption. The burden of more than half a million mullahs which their number is growing everyday plus their families and the organizations that have been created for their protection, has put a huge economic toll on Iranian society.

Despite the enormous increase in revenue from oil and gas production, Iranians have to struggle for survival through their daily life. In the past three years, the revenue from crude oil alone has been over $120 billions which is more than three fourth of the oil revenue from the time of first oil discovery to the year 1979 in Iran and yet, the external debt is more than $14 billion, inflation rate above 15% and unemployment of over 11%. Official statistics put 16% of Iranians below poverty line while the actual figure is much higher and in some estimates, it is as high as 40% of population.

The intensity and magnitude of problems which have been created by Islamic Republic leaders for Iranians is constantly increasing and dragging the nation to the point of no return. Growing interest in acquisition of nuclear weapon by leaders of Islamic Republic, which is just to deter any danger to their system rather than defending the nation, has created a lot of concerns among international community that can not see any good in this affair.

Today, after passing of 28 years from the event which was supposed to provide solutions to some of the issues in Iran, Iranian people are facing a situation in which their very existence as a nation is under threat because of irresponsible behaviors of a group of leaders who consider themselves representatives of Allah on the earth. The danger is very real and the integrity of Iran is under a serious threat. Islamic Republic leaders have wasted a huge amount of resources on a defense system which is not capable of doing anything other than protecting themselves while leaving most vital parts of Iranian territory susceptible to disintegration.

Time is passing very fast and the opportunity to avoid unimaginable damages to our homeland will soon be vanished. Iranian opposition of all spectrums will be as much responsible as Islamic regime in these historic times, for not doing enough to create a united front and speak with one voice to lead our nation out of this tremendously dangerous situation. Comment


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