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Peaceful departure

May 22, 2005

If God loves me
I may die in my sleep:
an OnTime departure with no baggage to check
no security line
not even an e-ticket
there will be no good-byes
no drama
I won't have to change clothes
no shoes
no hat
I’ll be clean -- my teeth brushed
pure as the day I arrived.

If God loves me
I won't know the time
roaming in a magical world
the dream will go on
Till eternity.

nothing to stir my conscience
no reminder of the sick, the poor, the forgotten
no unfinished business
nothing to take along
or to leave behind.
In sleep, there is no expectation
no memory
no disappointment,
no regret.

If God loves me
He'll provide solace where I can't
He'll remind my children
of the pleasures in an OnTime departure
with no pain
no hassle

He'll assure them
that I welcomed the journey
and that I was in my favorite clothes
with a dream in my head
a smile on my face.

Zohreh Khazai Ghahremani is a retired dentist and a freelance writer. She lives in San Diego, California. Her latest book is "Sharik-e Gham" (see excerpt). Visit her site

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