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Civil society in Iran
Politics of motherhood and the public sphere


September 15, 2005

MA thesis published in International Sociology Journal, Volume 16, No. 4, December 2001.

Civil society and the public sphere are based on historically specific moral discourse. Social movements such as the women's movement emerge out of the internal contradictions of the dominant moral discourse at any historical juncture. The article explore how the women's movement emerged in post-revolutionary Iranian society, as represented in one major women's publication, Zanan. In post-revolutionary Iranian society, Muslim women activists broaden the boundaries of civil society by translating their highly-praised status as mothers to active nd morally recognized citizens >>> full text

Elham Gheytanchi teaches sociology in Santa Monica College (CA, USA). She earned her BA (1995) and MA (1998) in sociology from UCLA. Born and raised in Tehran, Iran, Gheytanchi has also been a consultant to various broadcasting companies and radio programs in US and Europe. She is a proud holder of 2004 Los Angeles Marathon Medal.

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