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Pocket guide to Iran
World War II guide for Americans in Iran
Part 5 (last)

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January 2004

Pocket Guide to Iran was published in 1943 by U.S. War and Navy Departments for American servicemen in World War II. Thousands of American troops were based in Iran during the war as part of a joint effort with the British to send vital military supplies to Russia, which was defending itself against Hitler's army. Do US troops get similar reading material these days?

One section of the guide was published three years ago (see: Do's and don'ts). But now that US personnel have landed near Bam to help in earthquake relief efforts, it would be interesting to revist the pocket-size guide. Many thanks to Ramin Tabib for sending this guide.

* Cover
* Table of contents
* Introduction
* Oil-- The World's Lifeblood
* Iran and the War
* Your double part
* Getting along in Iran
* Meet the Iranis
* The Moslem religion
* Irani customs and manners
-- Hospitality
-- Irani women
-- Bargaining
-- Langauge
* Land of Iran
* Map
* History and government
* Sanitary conditions
* Miscellanesous information
-- Currency
-- Time
-- Weights and measures
* Check list of Do's and don'ts
* Hints on pronuncing Persian
* List of most useful words and phrases
-- Greetings and general phrases
-- Location
-- Weights and measures
-- Directions
-- Numbers
-- Designation
-- Foods
-- Money
-- Times
-- Days of week
-- Useful phrases
-- Surroundings-Natural objects
-- Time [day/night]
-- Persian months
-- Relationships
-- Human body
-- House of furniture
-- Food and Drink--Tobacco
-- Surroundings
-- Animal
-- Insects
-- Trades and occupations
-- Clothing
-- Surroundings
-- Adjectives
-- Prenouns, etc
-- Prepositions
-- Adverbs
-- Conjunctions
-- Phrases for every day

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