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Entezam's story
Only Iranian president of the U.N. General Assembly

By Mahmoud Ghaffari
March 2, 2004

The recent nominations and winnings of some Iranians for one reason or another around the world, has made me think about their origin and background that led to their successes.

In particular those of Shirin Ebadi for wining the Noble Peace Prize, and Shohreh Aghdashlou for being nominated for an Oscar in the best supporting actress category,. made me ponder. They all have one thing in common, their fame and their work all started before the Islamic Revolution.

The current regime cannot and will never be able to take credit for their success. Their path for success was paved long before the revolution. In fact Islamic Republic has not been able to duplicate such personalities or the fame the Nation enjoyed before its violent takeover.

Among the Iranians we should be proud of is one Nasrullah Entezam. He is the only Iranian to have had the honor of holding the presidency of United Nation's General Assembly for one term ... See Entezam at U.N.

His ascension to the post was during an era that Iran had little exposure to the Western World and he was able to use his charisma and diplomatic prowess to put Iran on the map. He was able to replicate his good work multiple times since his days at the UN, up to the Islamic Revolution. At which point we all know Iran went into the abyss of isolation and has never been able to pull itself out.

It should be of no surprise that Iran "The pariah" would never be able to duplicate its glorious past, until terrorism and this brand of Islam have their grip on the Nation. It is up to us, the new generation, to study the successes of the Iranians throughout our history and let it be known to the world. In the hopes that they can, by their actions in the past or the present help Iran regain its esteemed position amongst the civilized Nations of the world.

Below I have included a document published in the early 50's by the Iran-America Society that retells Entezam's story while at the UN. For more information of Nasrullah Entezam you can also visit and click on his image. Enjoy... See Entezam at U.N.

Mahmoud Ghaffari is the broadband aircraft communication project manager for Boeing and is an Adjunct professor of Network communication and computer science and Devry and National Universities.

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By Mahmoud Ghaffari

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