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Light is born
Happy Yalda or Yuletide



Ali Mostofi
December 20, 2006

Just a moment ago the New Moon started. The worshippers of the Moon have started another month. Their calendar loses time and for all practical purposes, is wrong. There are the Hindus that celebrate their New Year from the New Moon in Scorpio, and the Chinese that celebrate their New Year with the New Moon in Aquarius, and of course the Moslems.

But Iranian Cosmologists, Astronomers, Astrologers, were responsible for creating observatories, and following the change in the amount of light every day. They created a calendar that connected the change in daylight to the seasons. Astrologically they created what is called the Horoscope. In present day Iran the calendar is an Astrological calendar. It has withstood the test of time, and the people of Iran have four celebrations to commemorate the interplay of Light and Darkness. The Yin Yang of time, to make it clear to the Chinese folk who buy all that oil from Iran, is called the Ohrmazd-Ahriman dialectic. These are the Twin Forces that show up in all realms of Life.

Whatever you look at, the Twin Forces are at work. Look at a battery, and you see a plus at one end, and minus at the other end. Look at the sky, and you see the birds flying in pairs. Put your hand on your heart, and you hear boom-boom. Look at the days get shorter in the Northern Hemisphere of Earth, and you see the lights in the Christian world get brighter and brighter. Look at any believer in pre-Christian and pre-Islamic Iran, and they are stocking up on the huge party called Yalda, that is has been going for at least ten thousand years. We all will stay up on the longest night of the year to eat, and be merry, to show that the enthusiasm and fire within all of us humans will defeat the darkness of the longest night of the year.

But the main reason for the celebration, is to welcome the first longer day, called Yalda. And yes, it does sound similar to Yuletide, because Iranians are related to the Europeans. Modern scientists have looked at the Y Chromosomes of Iranians, and they have linked us to our distant cousins. And culturally Iranians do assimilate well with our EU and American cousins. We have been very grateful for all the love and support they have given us in these difficult times.

Cyrus the Great followed and understood this form of reasoning, when he entered Babylon and released the Jews. The Magi of Iran knew this reasoning, when they saw that the ancient prophecy in ancient Iranian oracles, about the coming of Jesus Christ. It was the Iranians that gave the honour and respect first to baby Jesus. And finally it was an Iranian priest that saw the coming of the age of Pisces with the Eclipse over Medina. Salman Parsi was the Iranian that created what we now call Islam, but he believed in the Lunar calendar, burning and destroying all the creative forces of Sun worshipping Iranians. Many ancient Fire Temples were snuffed out. We must recall both the dark and the bright side as we approach Yalda.

And it is really wonderful from the first moments that the Sun rises on Yalda day. The Earth is really close to the Sun, as it is whizzing past the Sun at it fastest, and Yalda will be the first Longer day. And so Iranians call it the Birthday of Light, and the Three Wise Men knew, that Jesus Christ is the personification of the birth of Light, when the planets' inclinations were such that it looked as one big bright Star over Bethlehem.

Happy Yalda or Yuletide to all. . Comment


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