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Man was born free, somebody chained him!
Let's break those chains, free the man!


September 21, 2005

Afghanistan's democratic ballot, along with Iraq's a few months back, is a turning point in the annals of regional geopolitics. The elections in these two nations are seen not only as a test of President Bush's foreign policy but the ability of the United States to institute peaceful democracy in formerly tyrannical states. The pressures are from fundamentalists, who abhor the free vote, and the liberal left, who fail to appreciate the free ballot as a victory of human values.

Democracy by nature is a chaotic process whereas tyranny is structured and rather serene on the exterior. Dissent is bulldozed without any recourse to law or tradition. In Afghanistan, edicts were based on archaic ideological concepts which ultimately rule the land. In the case of Iraq, a 'Baathists' totalitarian and oppressive regime conducted a hunt of its citizens for five nearly decades in which thousands perished in secularly led 'ideological battles'.

By strange coincidence the liberals and fundamentalists both agree on one mantra albeit by default i.e. 'Down with the free vote! For both clusters 'Tyranny is undisturbed and serene, liberty is fragile, boisterous and reckless.' Hence the continuity of tyranny under pretext of coherence is the easier route; it provides an in built terror infested stability. On that reckoning Chamberlain notion of wining peace through appeasement ensured a destructive war. While Churchill's route was a path littered with blood, tears and toil, humankind today enjoys the benefits of unity of Europe through his valour and perseverance of Churchill and not because of the Achilles' heel of pacification.

Today in a resounding lesson in civics 101 most of the 12 million eligible Afghani citizens voted to determine their own democratic destiny. More heartening was that the better half of the population, who previously were slaves under the Taliban, were enthusiastic participants in the entire democratic process.

Man was born free. Someone chained him. Today was the second consecutive day the shackles were finally wrecked in the heart of Islamic lands. The radicals detest the free vote and indeed voting today was escorted with life-threatening threats from the radical Taliban. This exactly mirrored the threat of Zarqawi in Iraq who also called liberty as an unfamiliar un-Islamic idea. The alliance of Zarqawi-Mullah Omar is understandable. Both are radicals and detest free vote, and moreover they deem the execution of plan unveiled by Allah in which they play the central role the defining moment of the self-determination of man. Voters and participants shall be killed was the clarion cry of extremists, however the ordinary people defied the demagogues and handed out the nascent democracies a glowing victory.

By participating in face of death threats they helped eradicate the idea that these regions are prone to tyranny and are devoid of natural biological coding designed for lust for freedom, the unaided partaking is a huge pace for freedom to seize the moment.

In these regions we are seeing enormous stride forward, amidst daily bloodshed and bloodletting new ideas are finally taking root. The ex-rulers are committing heinous crimes and punishing ordinary citizens, who are demanding that the basic charter of human rights be implemented. Why can't we appreciate this struggle for freedoms in these forgotten lands, instead of ridiculing these new freedoms as botched exercise of exporting nation building one should appreciate that we cannot progress wholly leaving islands of instability around, the Stone Age technology can destroy the fifth generation advancement we all look forward too.

These stone age nations need to be brought in the new age and nothing can be achieved through instant gratification, the seeds are being sown today the green shoots will definitely become visible, we should not be disturbed by stampedes and dance of death conducted by design, we should not fall in the trap that leave these lands to rot, forging together of forgotten areas into mainstream is the next big challenge we face as civilization. The secular and quiet nature of the 'bloodbath of Shiite marshlands' or the 'Kurds annihilations' during the Anfal campaign is the darling theme of the liberal left.

The charge sheet of liberals against freedom and liberty highlights the chaotic nature of this new freedom; Iraq under the secular tyrant was serene today it is free and extends religious freedom to millions of Shiites who dared not openly congregate and express grief in their millennium old mourning rituals.

As liberals hate the price paid for this 'liberty' and would ideally like the status-quo the radicals want make sure to bring Iraq and Afghanistan back to the old habits, imposition of peaceful tyranny on a majority by a extremist minority is the goal, which liberals are prepared to accept in a great act of appeasement and wining peace by compromise. The citadel of liberty is built and cemented by sacrifice and blood. Without daring landings at Normandy Fuehrer could have not been flushed!

Perhaps one is flabbergasted and stunned to see why the liberals, the heart and soul of freedom cannot appreciate these leap forwards. The technique they employ to denounce exporting 'nation building' need to soften when quite a few encouraging developments happen, it is astonishing to see that they fail to acknowledge the distance that has been covered in three years from total obscurity and gloom under the Taliban's.

This leap forward should be welcomed by every civilized human being. A nation building driven indigenously by modest helping hand of US will hopefully turn Afghanistan warlords run land into a land with some hope and better prospects, every free vote and chance of election through ballot helps destroy ideological demagogues. The sacrifice, valour and courage of heroic people who helped bring this transformation about need our utmost appreciation. It is heart-rending to see that due to 'Tyranny' undisturbed and serene nature liberal self styled intelligentsia falls in the trap of status quo under tyrants and demonstrate extreme dislike for liberation which is natured by blood, tear and sweat and is boisterous and reckless.

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Iqbal Latif


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