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Buyers beware
2008 U.S. presidential candidates

February 20, 2007

Doesn't it bother you that the news media take it upon themselves to tell you if a candidate to potentially become the next president is a woman or black or gay or vegetarian? Do they think that people can't see for themselves that Hillary Clinton is a woman? These days we keep hearing the generic description of 2008 presidential candidates:

"If Hillary Clinton wins the election she will be the first 'female' president"


"If successful senator Barak Obama will be the first 'black' President"

Don't you agree that this style of categorizing presidential candidates is more or less stereotyping of such candidates and seems like a reminder to the public as buyers beware?

If there are things to be said about the presidential candidates it has to be about their education, their past credentials and accomplishments and not the color of their skin. We prefer to find out about specific international and national accomplishments of candidates and not their anatomical identifications.

Here is Fox News' latest shortlist of candidates for the 2008 presidential election. You will see why I am concerned about this style of reporting. Please note that some names are changed to create mass confusion:

Senator Dan Roberts
If he wins he will be the first Mormon President who had anal sex during a senate filibuster.

Senator Hillary Clinton
If she wins the election she will be the first President whose husband had already consummated oral sex in the White House.

Former Federal Judge Sandra Tomlinson
If successful she will be the first president who slept with the entire class of 69.

New Mexico's Governor Bill Richardson
If Richardson wins he will be the first Hispanic president and has vowed he will hire an entire mariachi band to play everyday on the White House lawn.

Senator Lloyd Jensen
If he wins the 2008 election he will be the first president with diagnosed post-mortem depression.

Governor Samuel Johnson
If successful he will be the first president with a penis smaller than 5 inches.

Rudy Giuliani
If New York mayor Giuliani wins he will be the first President who fought prostate cancer before fighting any Middle Eastern oil producing country. He is also known for being able to count backward from 100 to zero fairly fast.

Shane Gibson
Currently unemployed but a Vice President hopeful, Gibson will be the first black Vice President as well as the first black that claims to be the father of Anna Nicole Smith's daughter.

Senator Robert Sandman
If successful he will be the first president with genital herpes. Comment

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Jeesh Daram



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