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Pink parade
Video clips: Lesbian festival in San Francisco

Jahanshah Javid
June 27, 2005

Javaneh and I were at the Dyke March in San Francisco's Castro district Saturday. I had been to a couple of gay festivals in New York some ten years ago. But for Javaneh, who came from Iran only a year and a half ago, it was quite a shocker. Just watching and being around people who celebrate their homosexuality with so much joy -- and so little fear -- is an experience of a life time.

Some of these video clips display nudity
and other acts of a sexual nature -- but in a good-natured way. Enjoy!

*** Must see ** Interesting * So so

*** Asian lesbians

*** Dykes on bikes

*** Pretty in pink

*** Street dancing

*** Rolling on the street

*** Crowd / toilet paper

*** Spanking

*** Love my boobies

*** Big little dog

*** Window dance 1

*** Window dance 2

*** Dancing with myself

*** Nasty boy

** Nasty boy & police

** Hugging flag carrier

** Posing divas

** Beer guzzling

* Girls wrestling

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